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We are successfully connecting IoT applications across a wide range of sectors and businesses. Read our stories here.

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Helping Aeguana seamlessly connect their touchless vending machines.
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Optimising sustainable eMobilty through IoT connectivity
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Just Eat

Enhancing customer satisfaction with IoT connectivity
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Using the HERE mapping platform and unsteered roaming SIMs from Wireless Logic Mandata can provide their customers with reliable mapping solutions for real time route planning and monitoring.
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NUVASAFE provide real time alarm data. Find out how we helped them with an un-steered multi-operator SIM.
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RBC Group

Helping RBC Group provide an ‘Always On’ connectivity solution to monitor and manage different applications
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RockBox Advertising are a leading provider of OOH and DOOH screens. Find out how we helped them optimise their digital advertising through IoT connectivity.
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Sky Drones Technologies Ltd

A simple and effective solution, all on a subscription basis that is managed fully through Cloud management platform.
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Smart Point

Smart Point offers a universal logistics system for intelligent warehousing to optimise the delivery of any type of product or service.
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System2pay specialises in the development of software solutions for cashless payments and telemetry, with a focus on unattended point of sale.
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v2v Factory

v2v Factory offers Real Time Vending telemetry solutions to monitor what is happening at the point of sale at all times.
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secure in cab payment technology for taxis


Mobile electronic payments technology pays dividends with cellular solutions
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Wireless Logic

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