Case Study

Mandata: Transport management with the HERE mapping platform and Connectivity from Wireless Logic

About Mandata

Mandata support road transport and logistics sectors with their integrated transport management solutions. With one integrated suite of software solutions hauliers can manage key processes from order to invoice including route planning and monitoring.

During job execution Mandata systems provide one view of operations and a greater understanding of real-time performance and operating KPI’s. Mandata has a deep understanding of the challenge’s haulage operators face on a daily basis. By using Mandata’ transport management solutions, haulage customers can improve their productivity, maintain visibility, provide real-time updates to back-office staff and customers to provide an informed customer experience.


Haulage companies are always under pressure to meet SLA’s, deliver goods efficiently, economically and provide consistently good levels of customer service. With effective route planning, haulage companies can make jobs more profitable by creating, validating and executing the perfect delivery plan.

Mandata needed a route mapping solution that could integrate seamlessly into their Transport Management System and provide their customers with the ability to plan out all their HGV deliveries for the day in a sequence plotting routes, calculating the mileage, timings whilst considering any hazards, road closures or other challenges that could prevent the delivery from reaching its destination in a timely manner.


Wireless Logic were able to offer resilient connectivity through un-steered roaming SIMs and through partnering with HERE, provide Mandata with a solution for their customers to make better business decisions, optimise their resources and deliver more competitive services though the ability to plan and analyse delivery routes using a feature rich location builder, all through simple API integration tools.

Haulage companies can plan out their journeys taking into account toll roads, road closures, potential hazards such as low bridges and road infrastructure data such as speed limits, but can also analyse data back from the HGV.

Having the ability to capture the location of the truck and assets in real-time, whilst viewing traffic conditions and driver behaviour helps haulage companies to forecast deliveries, manage exceptions and customer expectations, provide a good customer experience and save costs.

By using the Wireless Logic Connectivity Platform, SIMPro, Mandata can monitor and manage SIM estates and data usage in real time.


By using our connectivity and the HERE Mapping platform, not only are Mandata enabling their customers to pre-plan routes effectively, but through analysis of each journey, compare planned routes verses actual routes, review any changes to the journey and lend an insight to why there was a route change, helping to better plan future routes, save money and continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.

In addition Mandata uses the HERE mobile SDK to provide real time navigation for some of their customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIM Connectivity services, more information can be found here. Alternatively, please get in touch with us directly.

Integration with Here mapping and our partnership with Wireless Logic has enabled us to navigate the challenges of providing a robust solution to our varied customer-base. Importantly we’re able to offer highly relevant truck-aware routing which is critical to the safe and economic delivery of our customer’s services.

Kevin Marshall,
Development Director
Wireless Logic

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