Case Study

Keeping the world’s lifts moving, thanks to secure mobile connectivity

Avire’s mission is to optimise lift management and performance through smart technology



Avire delivers an extensive range of safety and communication products for lifts including light curtains, emergency telephones, connectivity solutions and displays. Installed into over four million buildings worldwide Avire’s range is made up of market leading brands each with their own unique qualities and innovation including E-Motive, Janus, TL Jones, Microkey and Memco). With manufacturing locations in Barcelona, the Czech Republic, Shanghai and Singapore and global sales representation, Avire has become a recognised world-leader in enabling new and legacy lifts to operate safely.

As a key component within the Avire offering, communication is fundamental to ensure both mechanical data and human interaction are facilitated. Mechanical in relation to a lift’s telemetry, operation and performance, and human to ensure users are able to make contact if a lift fails or people require assistance. Utilising Avire’s canbus technology, the organisation can enable users to manage and control multiple lift brands through one cloud-based hub, delivering future-proofed technology to extend a lift’s life, whilst creating more accountable, measurable functionality complemented by fully-remote diagnostics and control.

The Solution

For Avire, ensuring resilient and reliable secure connectivity for each of these functions is key.

To enable Avire’s goal to make lift operations simpler, smarter and safer, cellular connectivity is fast-becoming the norm with SIM-based modems integrated into many of Avire’s product solutions. But to keep SKU (Stock Keeping Units) manageable and minimise the work of selecting the right Mobile Network per location, the organisation has turned to a single SIM solution from IoT connectivity platform provider Wireless Logic Group. Having tested a number of network options, a rigorous programme of trials proved that a single unsteered roaming SIM managing data, SMS and voice would meet immediate and future requirements. Unsteered means that the smart SIM selects a Mobile Network on signal strength alone – not being hampered by preferences which can potentially affect the seamless connection. One SIM to suit all installations and locations simplifies Avire’s entire connectivity platform with just a single stock unit to be held at its factories for assembly.

But it’s not just about the SIM itself. Behind the unsteered connectivity, Wireless Logic has delivered a secure network solution with IPSEC VPN to ensure that the two-way datalinks from the monitoring units to Avire’s hub cannot be compromised. Consequently, communication channels are private with SMS, data and voice all delivered resiliently across one bearer service.

Providing value is another key strength to the Avire lift management offering. Whilst a roaming SIM might send alarm signals in terms of variable costs, Wireless Logic and Avire have focused on creating a highly competitive range of tariffs that reflect the likely usage of a deployed SIM-based management unit. Through precise analysis Avire are able to determine the likely amounts of voice minutes, SMS units and data loads and set tailored tariffs to match expected usage. Wireless Logic are then able to aggregate usage over groups of SIMs thus ensuring communication costs are controlled and budgeted on a per deployment or per customer basis.

To monitor performance, usage and control of the SIMs, Avire utilises the Wireless Logic SIM management platform SIMPro. This gives 360 degree visibility of the entire SIM estate with the ability to group and manage SIMs according to every project.

Commenting for Wireless Logic Group, Justin Godfrey-Cass, Business Development Manager says: “After much testing, the solution developed for Avire gives the organisation a single ‘one size fits all’ SIM that addresses such challenges as ease of installation, effective deployment in the field and cost management. The concept of an unsteered roaming SIM is now seeing rapid deployment amongst OEMs that require a cross-border solution supported by a single management platform.”

At Avire, our mantra is simpler, smarter safer. Our technology is designed for multi-brands and lift types giving operators the assurance that their lifts can be better managed and controlled whilst minimising wasted engineer visits. The power of cellular as a communication channel is giving us more flexibility as we develop new solutions to keep the world’s lifts operating at peak performance. Following extensive testing across a number of territories we are pleased with the Wireless Logic’s connectivity platform which creates a seamless and accountable solution with strong resilience.

Faye Bartlett,
Marketing Director, Avire