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Wireless Logic help Enterprises through a consultative approach to secure their devices against cyberthreats and protect their reputation and revenue.

IoT security solutions to keep your devices cybersecure

Iot security solutions are imperitive as new threats come up consistently and companies, even those who have already adopted best cybersecurity practices such as IoT Safe, need to take all levels of measures to keep their networks, devices, data and applications secure and protected. 

IoT security framework

Security is a top challenge faced by Enterprises, OEMs and Solution Providers when designing and deploying an IoT project, as consistently highlighted by analysts in the industry. Our IoT Security experts have designed a framework which we use to help businesses assess their capacity of risk and build and implement a strategy to keep reputation and revenue secure.

IoT security solutions help you Defend, Detect and React

We’ve broken it down into a range of Defend, Detect and React security provisions each with a series of underlying detailed criteria that can be used to measure processes, people, legislation, regulatory compliance and technology solutions.


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The cost to reputation and revenue is high if you get it wrong.

IoT solutions which align with upcoming legislation (EU Cyber Resilience, UK Product Safety and Telecom Infrastructure, US IoT Cybersecurity Improvement) and standards will be differentiated in enterprise procurement processes.

1.5 Billion

The number of attacks on IoT devices in 1H 2021 alone (detected by Kaspersky)



Average cost of a ransomware attack (IBM)


of businesses say security concerns are a major barrier to adopting connected devices (Omdia)



Average cost savings associated with fully deployed security AI and automation (IBM)


Increase in malware attacks on IoT devices in H1/2022 (Sonicwall)



A single medical device recall due to an unaddressed vulnerability can cost up to $600M (McKinsey)

Why use a Security Management Framework?


Manage your cyber-attack surface to prevent unauthorised access to devices, cloud infrastructure and data.


Leverage usage based insights and detailed analysis of device and network behaviour to detect cyber threats.


Apply automated counter-measures against problem devices and systems to isolate security breaches and take remedial action.

Defend, Detect and React to IoT security threats

Our 360 degree security framework helps customers protect their investments, reputation and revenue.

The framework has 16 provisions which map well to standards like ETSI EN 303 645 and enable IoT device manufacturers and solution providers to make their IoT solutions more secure by design.


Our IoT Security experts have designed an IoT Security framework which is broken down into a series of Defend, Detect and React provisions. To learn more about how the framework is structured, download the guide.

We’re here to help

Our IoT security experts are available to help you assess your current approach to IoT security including processes, people, regulation and technology. Based on the assessment and your capacity of risk. we’ll help you build and implement a strategy to keep reputation and revenue secure.


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Wireless Logic managed services for end-to-end IoT security

We provide a series of device, network and application layer capabilities to help Defend, Detect and React to security threats.

Our built for IoT mobile core network provides real time control and monitoring of IoT device behaviour.

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Cloud Secure
Includes IoT SAFE technology to resolve IoT device identity challenges and enable secure dynamic scalability.

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IoThink Solutions
Model, develop and remotely optimise your secure IoT application using digital twins and data analysis.

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Simplifies and automates connectivity management on a single secure platform with API or UI access.

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Anomaly Detection
Monitor device to cloud end-point communication and highlight deviations from normal behaviour.



Enables real time monitoring and remote management of devices and hardware all through one platform.

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24/7 Global Operations
24/7 monitoring, alerting and reporting of device, network behaviour and security threats.


Secure and resilient private networking which integrates Enterprises with their Cellular IoT device fleets.

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