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RG Gestión & Energía | IoT connectivity for public lighting

IoT connectivity and preconfigured 4G routers from Teltonika to connect 105 outdoor lighting command centres in Grado, Spain

RG Gestión & Energía: IoT solutions to optimise energy consumption

RG Gestión & Energía SL is a pioneer in the provision of comprehensive energy services that allow clients to optimise the operating cost of their projects and facilities by partially or totally externalising their energy management. Amongst other activities, RG Gestión & Energía SL offers its clients improved energy supply costs, operational audits, maintained efficiencies and cost savings.

Through its subsidiary RG-IoT Solutions, who specialise in connectivity management of energy assets, the company is an ideal partner for businesses needing support with energy management whilst maintaining adequate conditions for their workers and customers.

The solutions provided by RG Gestión & Energía go beyond electricity supply, they also seek to provide a value added, personalised service to each of their clients. As a starting point, an initial energy diagnosis of the clients’ facilities is carried out and ad hoc solutions are offered to reduce energy costs and/or improve air quality, in addition to offering training and consultancy on good energy practices.

The project: monitoring and control of public lighting

Grado, an Asturian council bordering Oviedo in Spain, uses RG Gestión & Energía and its subsidiary RG-IoT Solutions to remotely control the 105 command centres that make up the territory’s public lighting system. In addition, they make their management software available to the council, which allows the technical managers of public lighting to have up-to-date information to monitor the status of their command centres in real time.

Software de gestión de alumbrado público

The challenge: M2M connectivity to ensure data flow

RG Gestión & Energía understands that it is key to work with a reliable partner for M2M communications to guarantee their clients robust and resilient IoT connectivity. This ensures the up-to-date transmission of data relating to public lighting including information on energy consumption and the operational status, enabling a real-time response if necessary.

For a company like RG-IoT Solutions, who specialise in offering integration solutions for connected electrical equipment, it is essential to have highly reliable IoT connectivity. For public lighting control centres, a reliable alert system is necessary to indicate a disruptive event like a power cut or overconsumption.

Wireless Logic's solution: pre-configured hardware and multi-operator SIMs

Faced with a need for IoT connectivity, Wireless Logic was contacted and initially carried out a study of their connectivity needs. To guarantee that the command centres always have coverage, RG Gestión & Energía was presented with a customised and comprehensive connectivity and hardware solution.

For connectivity, a multi-operator SIM card solution was selected that will connect to the strongest cellular network to guarantee optimal coverage of their 105 command centres. As a hardware solution, the Teltonika RUT-240 router was chosen. The equipment was delivered to RG Gestión & Energía, after being prepared by our technical team who supplied a plug and play, pre-configured router that allowed them to connect to the network from the outset.

The solution was satisfactory for the client instantly. They could provide the contracted service to Grado Council and after two months of implementation, have reported no incidents.

In addition, our SIM management platform, SIMPro, provides RG Gestión & Energía with up-to-date status information relating to all of the SIMs deployed by Wireless Logic. They can view reports and consumption data to maintain visibility and control of all of their IoT assets and avoid overage costs on their data tariff.

Centros de mando de alumbrado público telecontrolados con conectividad Wireless Logic

"Wireless Logic got it right from the start with a multi-carrier connectivity solution at a competitive price. And we appreciate that the routers we required was already pre-configured”

José Luis González,
CEO, RG Gestión & Energía
Wireless Logic

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