Case study

AES: Secure data transmission for remote recycling system management

About AES

Autonome Energiesysteme GmbH (AES) developed a sustainable recycling solution that transforms non-recyclable mixed plastic waste into high-quality oil. The FLUKS systems are highly customisable to meet customer requirements and their sustainability agendas.

AES oversees the entire recycling process. This includes plant control, monitoring and maintenance. It then sells the oil it creates to refineries. With the next generation of AES FLUKS, companies can actively recycle around one tonne of plastic waste per day. Enabling them to participate in oil sales revenue while concurrently reducing disposal expenses and achieving a swift return on investment.


AES delivers the AES FLUKS recycling plant in ISO containers and installs a tank for the recovered crude oil next to it. AES remotely manages and operates the systems from their control center, requiring reliable connectivity for full visibility. They oversee monitoring filling levels, temperatures, and other critical process parameters around the clock.

“We operated a prototype at our site via the local WLAN,” explains AES software engineer Jonas Dicke. “What’s important for us in practice is that we don’t have to intervene in the customer’s IT infrastructure, but still have remote access to the AES FLUKS system. Equally important is the secure encryption of the data via VPN. The entire recycling process was developed by us and is therefore confidential.”


Wireless Logic provided the Teltonika RUT241 industrial router, Conexa eSIM with 5GB data pooling, and fixed IP+ to network the AES FLUKS systems with the control center. The Teltonika industrial routers are renowned for their robust yet compact design. They are ideally suited for challenging operating environments, withstanding high temperatures of up to 75 degrees Celsius.

The Conexa eSIM offers remote maintenance capability as one of its advantages. It eliminates the need for manual replacement of SIMs when changing operators or technologies. Conexa enhances security by enabling zero-touch onboarding of devices to cloud services, establishing the data connection over the air using a bootstrap profile.

With the Conexa package, Wireless Logic has provided us with customised connectivity for AES FLUKS via the mobile network, which is freely scalable regardless of location. With VPN and fixed private IP, the necessary data security is also guaranteed.

Jonas Dicke,
Software Engineer, AES
Wireless Logic