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EcoMT | OTEA: Flexible software for energy efficiency

About OTEA, EcoMT's energy management software

EcoMT is a technology company based in A Coruña, northwest Spain, that specialises in the development of BMS (Building Management Systems). Their systems are adapted to the needs of each company, sector and business structure, enabling them to connect to OTEA, a platform aimed at monitoring and digitalising facilities and improving energy efficiency.

OTEA currently has more than 9,000 connected facilities, around the world. Furthermore, the knowledge of EcoMT engineers allows OTEA to provide information in many scenarios: from smart buildings, to logistics networks to retail chains on a national or multinational scale.

OTEA is the product of a very simple notion: any parameter and device can be monitored and controlled. And in the data era, it is increasingly important for companies in all sectors to have visibility over all of their processes, expenses and systems. The IoT platform allows companies to automate tasks and improve the quality and versality of their data. Enabling them to be able to make the right decisions to optimise resources and supplies, and can even assist in predictive maintenance of equipment and facilities, which can provide considerable savings.

OTEA contributes to improving the environment with Wireless Logic connectivity

The OTEA platform allows its clients to monitor and control a wide range of variables and contribute to caring for the environment through different areas:

Energy: visibility and optimisation of electrical consumption to reduce costs and carbon footprint.

Air conditioning: indoor climate control to ensure healthy conditions for workers, avoiding energy waste.

Lighting: remote monitoring and control of lighting based on schedules, facility occupancy or sunlight.

Industrial: detection of leaks to avoid breaks in the cold chain of refrigerated products.

Water footprint: measurement of water consumption throughout all client locations to enable control of their water footprint.

Air quality: monitoring of air quality in facilities to guarantee healthy environments for workers.

Renewable: energy management algorithm to maximise the performance of photovoltaic panels.

There are many companies that benefit from the advantages of OTEA and thanks to digitalisation, obtain great energy savings. One of its clients managed to reduce its energy consumption by 21.2% during the first year of implementation.

What is the challenge for EcoMT to transmit the data to OTEA?

One of the main values ​​of EcoMT is its ability to adapt to any type of company, installation and device. In some cases the connectivity is provided by their own clients, but in many other cases they need to have a plug & play solution that they can deploy in any location. In that sense, cellular connectivity provides a much-needed level of flexibility to adapt the solution to each client’s needs.

Whether by inserting the SIM into a router or gateway or, if necessary, directly into the sensors or measuring devices, EcoMT is responsible for capturing the data depending on the circumstances and centralising it to be processed and managed in OTEA.

EcoMT trusts Wireless Logic to guarantee the connectivity of the monitored equipment

The thousands of instances already connected on the platform allow its clients to facilitate the configuration and integration of all types of machines and devices. From transformers and sensors to water meters, there are many different types of devices transmitting data daily, securely, to the OTEA platform. For this reason, it is more necessary than ever to have a provider capable of offering a wide range of flexible cellular connectivity solutions.

To have the necessary versatility to adapt to all cases, EcoMT relies on Wireless Logic’s multi-operator connectivity services, and advice to choose the most appropriate solutions for each scenario. Additionally, the NetPro private network adds a layer of cybersecurity to EcoMT’s already secure equipment, protecting data packets, whether transferred via TCP/IP, MQTT, ModBus or other protocols.

The result: secure and flexible IoT connectivity to contribute to energy efficiency

There are many types of installations, but only one way to digitise them well. With the support of Wireless Logic’s resilient and secure solutions, EcoMT builds BMS from the conception of the project and integrates them into its OTEA platform, adapting to the pace of growth and connectivity needs of each company. It is the clients who set the scope, milestones and times.

In addition, Wireless Logic allows EcoMT to connect its equipment directly to the Azure cloud platform, wproviding increased cybersecurity and integration agility. Plus, our SIMPro platform – that provides global visibility of the SIM card estate and activation manaagement from a single interface. This creates a solid synergy between both companies that translates into outstanding results in energy efficiency and process improvement, for companies in sectors as diverse as logistics, industry or retail.

Wireless Logic's cellular connectivity solutions give us the flexibility our customers demand and add an additional layer of cybersecurity. The attention and proactivity of its experts helps us make the best decisions at all times.

Jose Ángel Arias Fernández,
Innovation and Technology, EcoMT
Wireless Logic

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