Case Study

NUVASAFE: secure alarm systems with IoT technology


NUVASAFE, a brand of NUVATHINGS, is an innovative manufacturer of alarm communications.

NUVASAFE’s product line is based on a certified equipment according to EN50136 standards and provides the security market with secure and reliable communications for alarm transmission and monitoring in real time to provide best in class communication.


NUVASAFE wanted to provide their customers with a reliable backup for security systems and alarm transmitters to avoid potential ‘jamming’ or interference of data that can occur with GPRS. For simplicity, they wanted a solution that would incorporate WIFI connection, GPRS VPN and LoRa all within the same application.

By creating a system that responds to interference of security alarm communication or data traffic and based on LoRa’ communication interface, NUVASAFE could compete against the SIGFOX solution that already existed in the market. They wanted to provide the electronic security market and alarm installation companies with a solution that would allow for scale and support them to transition over to IoT services – diversifying the resources of security companies and their customers.


NUVASAFE’s solution, CIRRUS-4T, provides real time alarm data to the central alarm receiver using the three communication channels, WIFI connection, GPRS VPN and LoRa technology simultaneously. To guarantee the always-on cellular connection in the devices, NUVASAFE worked with Wireless Logic’s experienced team of IoT experts to provide connectivity and service.

By using an un-steered multi-operator SIM, the alarm system is able to find the strongest available coverage.

Furthermore, Wireless Logic secure VPN avoids unwanted traffic and potential security breaches. This ensures a secure encryption end to end.


As a result, and thanks to the connectivity managed with Wireless Logic, the CIRRUS-GL / GLW device for alarm systems is a pre-configured plug and play device providing a better cost of communications, secure two-way communication between device and security system and a cloud catalyst service for new business lines for the electronic security market.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIM Connectivity services, more information can be found here. Alternatively, please get in touch with us directly.

NUVASAFE is positioned as a benchmark in electronic security alarms and systems. Managing connectivity with Wireless Logic helps us in handling the communication lines thanks to the integration of the API. Thanks to close technical support and know-how in communications, we have the peace of mind of a stable and fault-free connection, which will guarantee the growth of our business.

Joan Vidal,
Wireless Logic

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