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Niche Telehandler market connects with specialised telematics and tracking solution


From a standing start in 2010, Assett-Track now monitors and records engine performance, driver behaviour and GPS tracking to over 1000 telehandlers located within the UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. The black box technology has been developed by the organisation which is then linked onto a dedicated web-based platform via M2M GPRS SIM connectivity. A range of data fields can be monitored by the plant owner including operational-critical alarms for servicing, LOLA certification, remote diagnostics and load usage.

Today, Assett-Track clients works with major plant hire specialists within the UK and a number of specialist European-based distributors. These include Testcentrum De Lille, the authorised importer of Merlo Telehandlers, one of the world’s leading brands. Testcentrum De Lille are also manufacturers of Giraf Track, a unique range of track-based crawler telehandlers and aerial platforms.

Both Merlo plant and Giraf Track equipment can now have a range of Assett-Track devices fitted at customers’ requests, with a choice of services and length of contract. Testcentrum De Lille fit the Assett-Track device as an OEM solution for Giraf Track, whilst Merlo handlers are retro-fitted to client demands.

  • New market entrant delivers tracking and monitor solution for telescopic handling plant (Telehandler)
  • UK business now expands to Europe
  • GPRS Managed Services and connectivity picked up by Wireless Logic

The Challenge

As a young enterprise, Assett-Track faced many challenges when entering the market, particularly so in relation to GPRS connectivity. Having spotted the opportunity to deliver a dedicated and realistically priced solution, Assett-Track’s founder and Managing Director, Dan Shaw approached all of the major mobile networks for the SIM solution. “We struck up relationships and that is where things started to crumble,” comments Dan. “As a new market entrant, and with a requirement to have partners who can jump to problems if and when they arise, we found that the networks were really not geared up to manage accounts like ours.”

The Solution

“Voice SIMS instead of specialist data SIMs and back-up support which simply left us hanging, we soon found that connectivity could make or break the Assett-Track business.” Yet it was a chance meeting with Wireless Logic, now Europe’s leading M2M Managed Services provider, that Dan and his team had their faith renewed. Whilst still being able to access all of the UK’s networks, Assett-Track were now talking to specialists who understood the organisation’s requirements.

Today, the relationship with Wireless Logic goes from strength to strength. Dedicated M2M connectivity is mainly channelled across the Vodafone network and global reach is now managed with the newly-introduced Vodafone Global proposition. Justin Godfrey-Cass, Account Manager for Wireless Logic explains: “Assett-Track’s experience of the market made Dan Shaw and his team wary of our set-up. And that is understandable. Yet, we have developed a number of solutions that give his organisation everything required to deliver world-class connectivity to his growing list of customers. From fixed-IP SIMs to having the ability to remotely provision, monitor and control his entire SIM estate with every network that he uses, Assett-Track are now delivering their own suite of tracking and machine management solutions with 100% confidence. We are advising them on suitable tariffs and the European expansion gives us the opportunity to link Dan up with our own country offices for locally-based support, whether using a local SIM or one of our global solutions.

Utilising Wireless Logic’s ‘SIMPro’ provisioning and control platform, Assett-Track can view every one of their thousands of SIMs with key reports on data usage. Additionally,  Wireless Logic ‘BillPro’ enables Dan’s team to manage their own invoicing requirements, particularly important as their client base expands. Assett-Track can now create tailored packages for each new client – for some, a tracking solution is now being built in as part of the sale package, with 12 and 24 month contracts. Assett-Track will work with the distributor and then switch the service and relationship directly to the end user at the end of the contract period.

Assett-Track’s success demonstrates how Wireless Logic will always embrace new start-ups and support such organisations as they develop and bring unique services to market. “Dan Shaw has created a highly specific device and platform that is tailored to the load-handling market,” concludes Wireless Logic’s Godfrey-Cass. “We applaud his vision and are delighted that Assett-Track are showing rapid growth in a market where live data can make bulk movement operations highly efficient, safe and secure.”

It was a lightbulb moment. We were now dealing with Wireless Logic a solutions-focused provider who had exceptional experience in delivering GPRS connectivity – competitively priced and with a layer of bolt-on services vital to the service delivery.

Dan Shaw,
Managing Director, Asset-Track
Wireless Logic

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