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Hellonext | Turnkey solution for fast charging points

About Hellonext

The Portuguese company Hellonext perfectly represents the new generation of the electric vehicle charging point sector. In addition to its commitment to the implementation of the latest technologies in the industry, it is remarkable for its mission to offer a comprehensive service for maximum control of the entire value chain, from production to maintenance, including installation, configuration and, of course, telemetry management.

In just a few years it has become the largest installer of fast (over 50 kW) and ultra-fast (over 150 kW) charging points in Portugal. But beyond the Iberian market (they also have a strong presence in Spain), the ambitions of the Portuguese company go beyond the Pyrenean border, aspiring to become one of the three leading companies in Europe in these segments in the coming years.

Unlike other companies in the sector, they are committed to covering the entire value chain and providing a “turnkey” solution that does not stop at the installation of the chargers, but can include maintenance services and a management platform, among other solutions.

Hellonext has deployed four hundred charging points in the Iberian Peninsula in a very short time and they expect to double this figure this year. Last year they promoted the deployment of the largest charging station in Portugal , at the Lisbon airport. In addition, they have installed charging stations in other European countries such as the United Kingdom, Romania or Malta and other regions such as Poland, Slovakia or the Czech Republic will follow soon.

Charging infrastructure... and the future of green hydrogen

Forecasts indicate that the fleet of electric vehicles in Europe will grow substantially over the coming years and the infrastructure will have to adapt to this reality, all with the aim of reaching the goal of carbon footprint neutrality by 2050. According to figures from a recent report by the consultancy McKinsey & Company, by the end of 2022 there were around 375,000 charging points in Europe, and the infrastructure will need to be sized to accommodate at least 3.4 million in the European Union by 2030.

Hellonext offers solutions for all types of charging points: slow, fast and ultra-fast, to adapt to the market and the needs of users. But its vision of the sector is much broader, and the company knows that the future of sustainable mobility also involves green hydrogen. Their constant commitment to innovation has made them one of the most advanced European companies in H2 fuel distribution technologies. In this type of service, connectivity will also play a key role in ensuring the safety of their solutions, as the handling of flammable colourless gases presents a new dimension of potential risks.

Secure connectivity, key at charging points

Cybersecurity is one of the main workhorses in the deployment of charging points for electric vehicles. The charging stations handle very important data that, when properly processed, allow users to be offered a quality service and with the highest security standards . This data exchange, among other things, allows:

  • The status of chargers to be monitored
  • Information about consumption to be sent
  • Incidents to be detected and alerts raised
  • Predictions for a balanced network load.

Beyond the undoubted usefulness of this data flow, there are also legal components; for example in Portugal connectivity is mandatory by law at charging points. In order to offer a solution that is truly independent and allows communication with chargers deployed in public spaces, cellular connectivity was the only answer.

Against this backdrop, Hellonext has a clear need for a strong connectivity partner, able to offer flexibility and resilience to ensure coverage in different regions and locations, with local support to meet its needs, and with the ability to implement security solutions to protect device communications and keep data private.


An expert connectivity solution for EV charging points

Hellonext opted for Wireless Logic due to its experience in the charging point sector and its proven ability to offer the solutions demanded by such a specialised sector and where security plays such a relevant role. It has the necessary certifications and technical equipment to work with communication standards such as OCPP ( Open Charge Point Protocol ) and other common protocols at charging points.

Wireless Logic’s M2M solutions work with private APNs and assigned private IP ranges within the NetPro network, to ensure maximum control over communications. On the other hand, access to the SIMPro platform allows the Hellonext team comprehensive management of its SIM pool, being able to review consumption and activate, deactivate, or place orders from the same interface.

Wireless Logic is better prepared than other suppliers to work with electric mobility and offers very competitive prices in the sector.

Manuel Sande e Castro,
Commercial Director, Director at Hellonext
Wireless Logic

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