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RBC Group: Design innovative solutions with a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility through IoT Connectivity

About RBC Group

RBC Group is a multi-faceted engineering and technology business at the forefront of numerous industries. They design and implement end-to-end innovative solutions in Automated Retail, Manufacturing, Remanufacturing, Field Service, Technology, Payment Solutions, and Integrated Logistics. From their very inception, they’ve sought to serve as a responsible business with a longstanding and enduring commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, and reflecting this deeply held conviction: they truly believe that innovative products and solutions leave their mark on humanity — and not on the planet.


In today’s interconnected society, innovation necessitates the use of robust IoT technology: if you want to provide superlative customer service, generate increased revenue growth, and accelerate efficiency, it’s critical for devices to be connected to the internet. As RBC Group utilise the latest advancements in technology to craft revolutionary machines across multiple industries, they needed reliable connectivity for a plethora of use cases: to monitor and manage machine sales, streamline the assimilation of telemetry data to oversee technical status, comprehensively operate a fleet of machines, distribute and maintain content across a large geographical span, accept and process cashless payments, all in real-time and from one central location. Wireless Logic were highly recommended to RBC Group by several industry peers, and, as the leading connectivity provider, with a raft of future-proof and dependable solutions, and a wealth of technical expertise that’s second-to-none — the choice to work with the company was a reassuringly easy one for them to make.


RBC Group needed a full-end-to-end solution that would allow for ‘Always On’ connectivity. By using roaming SIM cards, RBC Group were safe in the knowledge that that their devices were always connected to a network provider with low latency and by overlaying Wireless Logic’s VPN, any data generated from the device would be securely transmitted and enable their technical analysts to securely offer support remotely.

With the number of deployments in the field, RBC Group required a simple and secure way to monitor and manage SIMs and data usage in real time. By using Wireless Logic’s Connectivity Management Platform SIMPro, the team at RBC Group have the ability to scale quickly through the ability of ordering and activating new SIMs directly, set rules and notifications, and receive alerts, providing them with full control and insight into the workings of their SIM estate.


RBC Group’s overarching mission is to reimagine the world of automated retail, introduce pioneering technology, and ensure the experience for both consumers and operators is as frictionless as possible. As they continue to innovate, and advance their objective of globally democratising sustainability, they will require flexible and agile connectivity for a wide variety of evolving IoT applications and devices — Wireless Logic’s solutions are of instrumental importance and will allow them to reliably develop and deliver key benefits to their customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIM Connectivity services, more information can be found here. Alternatively, please get in touch with us directly.

In order to deliver exceptional services and continue to make pioneering strides in the industries we serve, we look for partners who are synergistic to our business and complement our executional experience. In Wireless Logic, we've found a company with unparalleled engineering standards that provides outstanding connectivity for any IoT application, unmatched technical expertise and speed of service, and dedicated and proactive management of our bespoke solutions. We're delighted with Wireless Logic's range of services and we look forward to working closely together for many years ahead.

Jiri Horalek,
Director of Business Development RBC Group
Wireless Logic

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