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Securitas: optimising individual security through IoT connectivity

About Securitas

Securitas Group, established in 1934 in Sweden, is the world leader in providing security solutions. In the UK Securitas employs over 10,000 employees. Its operational centre in Milton Keynes provides support to the largest mobile fleet in the UK. It also houses the industry’s first Training and Development Academy. On a global scale, Securitas employs over 370,000 employees, across 58 countries spanning North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Asia.

Securitas are a leading, global, intelligent protective services provider, protecting the safety and welfare of millions of people across the world. It is Securitas aim to make your world a safer place


Securitas has a wide, dynamic customer base spanning multiple industries. To meet the rapidly expanding and evolving security requirements of their customers, Securitas looked to Wireless Logic to improve SIM and IoT solutions to provide a reliable connected service for lone workers, i.e. people who work alone and/or remotely who face a variety of environmental, medical, industrial or people risks on a daily basis. Lone workers need personal protective technology and Securitas needed a future proofed solution, with no risk of downtime, for evolving lone worker hardware, and non-steered roaming SIMs that can be monitored and managed in real time to maximise protection of the lone worker and also eliminate potential bill-shock.


Working with Securitas and by using the SIM Management Platform, SIMPro, Wireless Logic were able to analyse the quantity of voice minutes, the average amount of SMS used and monthly data requirements to create a bespoke tariff for the lone worker solutions.

In addition to providing aggregated data pools (with some additional allowance to avoid bill-shock), Wireless Logic provided a network agnostic non-steered roaming SIM, allowing the user to always have the strongest coverage across all major UK networks, rather than relying on a single fixed network SIM connection. With the overlaying Virtual Private Network (VPN) from Wireless Logic, Securitas are able to provide, smart, two-way connectivity to their customers, ensuring that any data generated from the lone worker solutions is always secure.

monitor sim activity with simpro


Using IoT connectivity within lone worker devices, Securitas are able to provide an all-in-one, preventative solution including personal alarms and GPS technology. Businesses can access real time updates on lone workers, regardless of where they are located, and if needed can response quickly to alerts. This gives piece of mind for employers and employees as the ‘Always-On’ solution has no risk of downtime.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIM Connectivity services, more information can be found here. Alternatively, please get in touch with us directly.

Wireless Logic have worked closely with us to understand and meet the unique security needs of our clients. The interactive SIMPro system with dashboards, with technical problem-solving capability, helps us effectively manage our clients’ lone worker devices and build bespoke tariffs to support their needs. The exceptional level of support and customer service from our Account Manager and their Service desk support teams set Wireless Logic apart from their competitors and ensures that Securitas consistently exceeds the expectations of its valued clients.

Alex Luke,
SOC Remote Services Specialist, Securitas
Wireless Logic

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