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Liberty Charge: delivering on street charging all with 4G connectivity

About Liberty Charge

Liberty Charge, a subsidiary of Liberty Global, delivers a highly scalable connectivity infrastructure working with UK local authorities providing power for on street EV charge points to residents who do not have access to off-street parking or charging facilities. Working with their partners, Liberty Charge want to deliver easily accessible, reliable, and cost effective EV charging to millions of residents in towns and cities across the UK. By building a strong network infrastructure, the EV charge point industry will be able to move from installing isolated charge points to plug and play models, keeping up with demand as more people swap out their current combustion engine cars to an EV.


The biggest challenge for many people, and one of which can deter from investing in an EV is that many do not have access to a driveway or garage or the funds for an EV charge point. With the increase in demand, Liberty Charge wanted to provide a solution that could be rolled out to millions of people quickly and seamlessly but also one that would mean charge points could be easily connected to the main infrastructure network and be monitored remotely. They required a solution that would provide secure and ‘always-on’ connectivity to transmit data with no risk of failure from the EV charge point back to their main hub. With EV owners needing to charge their vehicle at any time, having 100% uptime is critical. Being able to monitor the EV charge points, Liberty Charge can provide a good customer charging experience and drive repeat visits. Liberty Charge provide a fully funded Infrastructure-as-a Service solution as an annual fee to local authorities and councils, reducing the upfront outlay.

To do this and enable rapid deployment of charge points, having a ‘plug and go’ solution including resilient connectivity is crucial.


Wireless Logic were able to meet Liberty Charge’s needs by providing and un-steered SIM that can connect to the strongest UK network depending on where that SIM is located. This meant that Liberty Charge could easily connect to any network and future proof solutions as it avoids having to do repeat digs to lay cable in towns and cities – very disruptive to all those who live there. By overlaying Wireless Logic’s IPSEC VPN, Liberty Charge are also able to securely connect to their backend management Software -as-a Service solution. The IPSEC VPN provides Liberty Charge with increased security with encryption and firewall access.

Using the Wireless Logic SIM management platform SIMPro, a fully managed SIM management platform, Liberty Charge can monitor and manage their full SIM estates all from a single view.


By using 4G connectivity from Wireless Logic, Liberty Charge can monitor, manage and track all their active SIMs and devices across the UK with real time data through high-speed connection. Liberty Charge are able to deploy and connect their solution at scale,  providing millions of people with the ability to charge their EVs on the street.


We ensure that consumers using our on-street charge points can charge their vehicles at any time. Wireless Logic has helped us mitigate any future risks associated with connectivity, while also securely storing usage data and facilitating comprehensive reporting.

Neil Isaacson,
CEO, Liberty Charge
Wireless Logic

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