Case Study

Motit World: Intelligent urban mobility solutions through IoT connectivity

About Motit World

Motit World is a Spanish company and is a pioneer in sustainable urban mobility. They carried out the first Carsharing deployments in the city councils of Pamplona and Gijón in 2009.

Since then, it has expanded its services as new mobility needs emerged, and today it has become one of the reference companies in multi-modal solutions for Carsharing, Electric Mobility, Micromobility and Last Mile Solutions.

The Challenge

Motit World’s customers are looking for applications that turn their vehicles into intelligent fleets capable of generating useful information for the optimization of resources and facilitate decision making. To do this, the devices they install require highly reliable, stable connectivity, that allows the transfer of information even when they are constantly moving.

The challenge of having them install a SIM from a single network provider meant that the card had limited capabilities. A fleet of sharing vehicles can park in locations with very different coverage areas. By using a single SIM network, there is no guarantee that the reach of that network will maintain the necessary quality and stability standards leading to operational and economic costs for fleet operators.

Motit World needs to ensure connectivity wherever its customers go, for example if a monitored electric battery is disconnected and does not send a notification for recharge, the collection and recharge of the vehicle could be costly for the fleet carrier.

Motit World wanted a solution that uses 4G cellular connectivity, linking the remote-controlled devices with the software platform that it designs individually for each customer.

The Solution

Wireless Logic is able to provide a multi-operator SIM connected to the most powerful networks for each project that Motit World develops. In this way, Motit World can ensure that the devices it installs in its customers’ fleets always have an “active” network through a robust and secure connection, capable of switching networks if the signal quality deteriorates by jumping to the next one with a better connection.

In addition, Motit World can also manage all its SIM cards through SIM Management Platform, SIMPro, selecting which connectivity is best for each project and offering customised solutions to its customers.

The Result

Motit World finally has a simple and effective cellular connection. By using 4G connectivity and the use of a multi-operator SIM, there are no limitations on where or how your customers’ fleets travel, because you can now offer an effective solution for measuring battery levels, location of each vehicle and control of the modes of use and maintenance of the vehicles, which your customers entrust you with.

Once new technologies like 5G arrive, we will be able to handle more information, more signals, more connectivity. Today, we can send a volume of data at such a speed that connectivity is no longer a problem. What this has done is that new solutions are appearing in the mobility market and that this market continues to grow. The Covid has also affected people's vision of public and personal mobility, there are many young people who no longer consider having a car in their name as we did in my generation, now you can take a scooter or share a vehicle and move around without the responsibility of maintaining a car of your own.

Valentín Porta,
Co-Founder of Motit World
Wireless Logic

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