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Stable onboard internet connection with 4G/5G connectivity and Peplink routers


Founded in 1949, the Zonnebloem National Association is the largest volunteer organisation in the Netherlands with 30,000 dedicated volunteers. The association focuses on individuals aged 18 and above with physical disabilities who face daily challenges that others often overlook. The Zonnebloem strives to improve the accessibility of recreational venues and organises vacations, social, and recreational activities tailored to this target group. Additionally, the association provides suitable and affordable transportation through Zonnebloem cars and bicycles.

Individuals with physical disabilities are confronted with numerous obstacles that limit their ability to participate in society. Limited mobility and inaccessibility hinder their enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures. These limitations can lead to social isolation, reduced quality of life, and limited opportunities for personal growth and enjoyment.

De Zonnebloem is best known for its river cruises through the Netherlands and Germany on the MPS de Zonnebloem. These trips provide an opportunity for individuals with physical disabilities to relax and unwind. The fully adapted ship is equipped with all necessary facilities. Various engaging activities are organised, such as game nights, excursions, and themed evenings. This unique experience allows participants to enjoy the beauty of the water and surroundings without worries while forming meaningful connections with fellow guests.

At the heart of De Zonnebloem is the individual. They focus on finding solutions so that people with physical disabilities can fully embrace life. De Zonnebloem motto is: ‘There is so much more possible than you think’.

The Challenge

Nowadays, we are accustomed to using our mobile phones everywhere to stay in constant contact with our loved ones. While data connectivity is taken for granted on land, it poses a different challenge on water. For the nautical crew and equipment on board a ship, internet connectivity is a necessity, for example, to electronically submit travel and cargo information to waterway authorities.

One of the biggest challenges is ensuring connectivity and bandwidth. Maintaining a stable data connection is a technical challenge for every ship.

For MPS de Zonnebloem, it is important that guests, for instance, initiating a FaceTime call in the port of Arnhem, can continue the conversation without interruption when the ship starts sailing.

The Solution

De Zonnebloem sought a connectivity partner for managed internet/Wifi solutions that could guarantee a stable internet connection. This also included providing onboard Wifi connectivity for all guests, volunteers, and crew members.

The collaboration resulted in a connectivity solution that was fast and easy to implement, providing MPS de Zonnebloem with a mobile managed internet/Wifi solution.

To ensure constant connectivity on board MPS de Zonnebloem, a mobile internet solution combined with Peplink routers was chosen. This specialised equipment allows for the bundling of data connectivity.

With the help of Peplink equipment, a stable and reliable 4G/5G internet connection can be ensured, both in port and on the water, anywhere in the world. Thanks to the patented SpeedFusion technology, Peplink stands out from other manufacturers by combining multiple connections into one. This makes this solution ideal for maritime applications.

To provide a great experience for guests, volunteers, and crew members, de Zonnebloem has entered into a flexible data bundle subscription with Wireless Logic. Wireless Logic has supported MPS de Zonnebloem with connectivity for multiple years.

The integrated routers facilitate seamless transitions between different internet connections, delivering a reliable and uninterrupted experience. Whether operating on 4G or 5G near coastal areas or relying on robust connectivity along river routes, these routers optimise speed and cost considerations based on specific requirements. Additionally, they offer the capability to set data limits and allocate user-specific internet access privileges. Our comprehensive monitoring tool provides valuable insights into data usage and costs, ensuring that MPS de Zonnebloem remains informed and prepared at all times, without any unexpected surprises.

Thanks to the reliable connection provided by Wireless Logic, we have been able to improve communication between the onshore office and the captain on the water... and allow our guests to instantly share their experiences with their loved ones.

Marco Evers,
Manager Team ICT, de Zonnebloem
Wireless Logic

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