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Usanca | Smart Metering to improve energy efficiency

About Usanca Metering Solutions

With more than 10 years of experience in the smart metering market, Usanca Metering Solutions specialises in the development of software and hardware for consumption metering. Although their focus is mainly on the thermal sector (heating and air conditioning), they also provide solutions for other types of supplies, such as water and electricity.

Usanca were founded in Madrid at the end of 2012 as a supplier specialised in developing software for consumption metering, as well as connections via API to establish communications with manufacturers’ equipment; in less than two years they incorporated hardware for data acquisition into their portfolio of services, expanding their value chain and becoming an integral supplier that incorporates the development and maintenance of connected equipment together with computer applications for data processing.

The evolution and commitment to innovate in order to adapt to the market has resulted in Usanca deploying its smart metering solutions in more than a thousand homeowners’ communities and more than forty shopping centres, as well as in such notable locations such as the Renault España factory in Valladolid.

Thanks to their integrated services and their constant drive for innovation, they have crossed borders, and currently have clients in countries such as Chile, France and Belgium; one of their best examples of deployment is the Port Sud in Brussels, where they monitor the consumption of almost 200 devices through their Wireless MBus data collection system.


The heart of the company lies in its solutions for improving energy efficiency through specialised software for data processing and the distribution of heating or electricity consumption. Its products, designed specifically to meet the needs of its different types of customers, put smart metering at the service of cost and consumption control, whether for homeowners’ associations (Gestio Home) or industrial environments (Gestio Factory).

Deploying smart management systems for supply consumption is a key element in the smart cities and smart buildings ecosystem to work towards the highest levels of energy efficiency, for several reasons:

► Helps identify inefficiencies or points where energy is being wasted.

► Facilitates data-driven, informed decisions on how to optimise energy use and distribution.

► Increases consumer energy responsibility and sustainability awareness.

► Optimises cost and consumption management.

Usanca have also designed a monitoring pack for data collection and compliance with the PREE Programme for the Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings, promoted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. Its system facilitates the collection and sending of consumption data, as well as information from temperature, humidity or CO2 sensors, to verify that the parameters are within efficiency targets.

Contadores inteligentes para salas de calderas


Sistemas de medición conectados para smart buildings

When Usanca decided to enter the hardware arena, it did so, among other reasons, to increase control over the main asset with which its solutions work: data. They know the importance of controlling data from the moment it is collected in the equipment until it is sent to their servers and transformed into information. For the same reason, they know that a factor such as connectivity is not something they can leave to chance.

To maintain control over data, and to have fully plug and play services, they need a cellular connectivity partner that can meet their needs for coverage, security and management of M2M communications.

Cellular connectivity offers reliable and highly available solutions to connect all elements of distributed energy networks, simplifying the integration of new devices and enabling more adaptable and accessible consumption sharing for those who need it.



Wireless Logic’s IoT connectivity services, with private APNs and private IPs, ensure the privacy of data traffic. VPN tunnelling solutions allow Usanca to guarantee availability and secure, private access to all data on its equipment. By working with private networks and encryption and authentication protocols, an additional layer of IoT security is added, which is essential to protect both customer data and devices against cyber threats. They also have the versatility of having a partner who can advise them on the most appropriate solutions for each case and location depending on the scale of their business and connectivity needs.

Wireless Logics SIMPro  connectivity management platform gives managers access to up-to-date information on the status and traffic of their card fleet, allows them to consult and manage their invoices and set up alerts to avoid surprises due to overconsumption.

We really like the SIMPro platform for managing our SIM cards, and we value Wireless Logic's VPN solutions. They suit us in terms of price and service stability.

Pablo Casado Uruñuela,
Sales & MKT Manager at Usanca Metering Solutions
Wireless Logic

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