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Plug N Go: Always On connectivity using un-steered roaming IoT SIMs

About Plug-N-Go

Plug-N-Go offers a full turnkey funded solution for slow to fast Electric Vehicle (EV) charging. Plug-N-Go’s mission is to provide the best-in-class EV Charging infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and provide tailored solutions to their customers which is risk and cost free – right from the initial meeting to the end of the contracted term. This includes everything from footfall surveys, obtaining grid location, planning permission, site design and layout, infrastructure installation, promotion of the charge points, monitoring, regular client reports to site upgrades, giving the client total piece of mind.


Plug-N-Go needed a 4G connectivity solution with an un-steered roaming SIM that would provide them with resilient and ‘always on’ connectivity throughout all the countries they supply EV Charging units to. They chose to work with Wireless Logic due to our global coverage and partnerships that provide private access into over 750 networks across 190 countries. With the growing number of EV charge points across the EU and UK, especially in more rural locations or where fixed line isn’t always available, Plug-N-Go needed a cellular connectivity solution that connects to the strongest signal and bandwidth available though one SIM, saving time without having to work out which network SIM to install in different locations.


Wireless Logic provided Plug-N-Go with an un-steered roaming solution with Fixed Private IP for secure two-way communication, making the solution compliant with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6 and 2.0. Using the SIM Connectivity Platform, SIMPro, Plug-N-Go were able to monitor and manage their SIMs through one window across multiple networks. By having full visibility, Plug-N-Go can save operational costs through not having to send maintenance engineers out to rural locations, receive alerts on any data overage or maintenance issues. As more people are swapping their diesel engine cars for EV, EV users, especially those who live outside of main towns or cities, need the reassurance that their local EV Charge Point is in full operation.


Plug-N-Go provide both AC and DC charges, supporting both rural and city charge points. As many of their EV Charge Points are in rural locations, the requirement to charge vehicles from DC charges is needed, for faster charging from the main Grid. Their solution, using 4G cellular connectivity from Wireless Logic is helping to place charge points in more rural locations with reliable and resilient connectivity.

Due to their flexible solution, Plug-N-Go are now rolling out their cellular connected EV Charging points to a major UK supermarket chain to all of their stores, enabling customers to charge their cars whilst they shop.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIM Connectivity services, head over here for more information. Alternatively, please get in touch with us directly.

We needed to update our network provision for data SIMs on our EV charging network, which would run simultaneously on our UK network as well as our Channel Island and Gibraltar charge points. We found swapping our charge points over to Wireless Logic was a simple process and if we needed assistance whilst we were on site they were very helpful – we’re pleased with the transition.

Keith Hounsell,
Founder & CEO Plug-N-Go
Wireless Logic

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