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Ocean Outdoor: quality control strategy for outdoor media leads

About Ocean Outdoor

Ocean Outdoor are the creators of  the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) category of advertising: a medium in which large-format digital posters are displayed across the UK for companies to canvas their brand in strategically located landmark sites.


As a boutique media owner, Ocean’s commitment to deliver a quality, no-fail digital solution meant having real time visibility of all the digital posters across the UK. Ocean Outdoor needed to identify a fail-safe monitoring system accessible 24/7 to their clients and so looked to site remote cameras close to each premium location.

A wireless solution was then required to enable large amounts of video and stills to be streamed directly to HQ and clients – with this ‘on the ground eye’, the quality control of the digital image, and surrounding environment would be able to be viewed in real-time, at any time, ensuring the uptime of marketing/ ad campaigns for their customers and passers-by were able to view the adverts clearly.


The solution was developed in-house by Ocean, creating a wireless camera system with an integral M2M SIM component. Pre-requisites to the connectivity were a watertight Service Level Agreement (SLA), an ability to manage large amounts of data (typically up to 10 GB per month), and a hassle-free ability to install a fixed IP to each location.

For the latter, this is essential in case of localised camera power down or router failure. With fixed IP, Ocean can ensure the camera sites are still discoverable, therefore avoiding the need for an engineer’s visit.

Connectivity and network coverage needed to span across all sites of the UK at each location with no down time. Ocean wanted to work with a provider who would allow them to select their choice of network and have the flexibility to treat each SIM as an individual entity for seamless management so that data from each camera could be accessed at any time by both Ocean and their clients and therefore chose Wireless Logic to help them put together a solution to encompass all their needs.

As these SIMS would also handle high volumes of data, having a tailor-made range of tariffs that although not cost-prohibitive, deliver an economical solution and regardless of which network the SIM is aligned to, all tariffs had parity.


Wireless Logic’s connectivity solution has met Ocean’s requirement by delivering a ‘boutique’ solution with a low volume of SIMs, each with a selected network right for each location. The network and system resilience is critical to the overall solution. Ocean’s package demonstrates how the M2M sector is evolving to bring tailored, reliable and cost-effective answers to niche users within a number of verticals.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIM Connectivity services, more information can be found here  Alternatively, please get in touch with us directly.

By empowering our advertisers to see their outputs when they want, in real-time, Ocean can alleviate any doubt in terms of the digital signage not performing. As eyes permanently focused on the screen as well as the local environment, the high-resolution cameras can track every minute of every day – it’s quality control unprecedented within this new and dynamic media sector.

John Kilfeather,
Operations Manager, Ocean Outdoor
Wireless Logic

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