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Secure infrastructure enables the expansion of a green energy electricity network.

The increasing use of green energy – solar, wind, and water – challenges a stable power supply because weather conditions cannot be controlled in the same way as other energy sources. Power 2 Climate Change helps balance the power supply in the energy grid by providing electricity reserves from green energy to Energinet (Danish Energy Infrastructure).

Safety - highest priority in the electricity network

Power 2 Climate Change (P2CC) offers electricity reserves from green energy to Energinet, which contributes to ensuring a stable and constant power supply in Denmark. The electricity reserve is provided by electricity consumers, primarily businesses, that have surplus energy and collaborate with P2CC.

In the development of P2CC’s solution, security for all parties involved – both the suppliers of surplus electricity and Energinet as the recipient of the electricity reserve – was of the utmost importance. It was particularly important for the companies that their data and internal security were top-notch and that the company, as an electricity supplier in a network with other electricity suppliers, was protected against cyberattacks.

Wireless Logic Nordic was tasked with delivering a mobile solution with security as the decisive factor.

Closed encrypted mobile network and non-public IP addresses

SimSecure / IPsec VPN

Carsten Vammen, Director, Power 2 Climate Change:

“Our collaboration with Wireless Logic Nordic is based on good, fast, and professional consultancy”

In close collaboration with P2CC, Wireless Logic Nordic provided a solution with a strong focus on security. A closed encrypted data connection – IPsec VPN – was established on the supplied SIM cards, each with a static non-public IP address. The solution ensures critical infrastructure, optimal data security, and prevents cyberattacks and traffic from unwanted parties. Additionally, a closed network ensures that communication between P2CC and their many providers of stabilization services remains completely confidential.

Possibility for expanded electricity network

With the solution from Wireless Logic Nordic, which provides surplus energy suppliers with security in terms of critical infrastructure, data security, and cyberattacks, P2CC can continue to expand their network of electricity suppliers in renewable energy. This contributes to ensuring a constant and stable supply of electricity to the Danish power grid.

At the same time, larger Danish electricity consumers who have the ability to be flexible can provide stabilization and thus contribute to maintaining a balanced power supply in the country.

Electricity reserves from green energy are delivered to Energinet.

P2CC helps to ensure a stable energy grid in Denmark. With a desire to manage and operate what P2CC itself calls a “Virtual Power Plant,” electricity reserves in the form of system services** are made available to Energinet.

The supply of electricity to the power grid needs to be maintained at a stable level. With the increasing use of renewable energy, the energy supply has become more variable because weather conditions cannot be regulated in the same way as energy from power plants. P2CC’s network of electricity consumers provides surplus green energy and can thereby contribute to ensuring a constant and stable power grid in Denmark.

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