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4G/5G Connectivity and router solutions for multiple retail applications

End-to-end retail connectivity solutions

With resilient and secure 4G/5G connectivity, wi-fi and other connected applications becoming business critical to retail environments, the range of uses is increasing. To support connectivity, we are actively assisting customers and partners in providing ‘end-to-end’ solutions, many including associated router hardware to the following applications.

Some of the many applications we're connecting...

Building Management Systems

Lift management, perimeter security, planned and preventative maintenance

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HD CCTV applications for security, crowd management and surveillance

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Digital Signage/

Roadside, in-town and in-store digital advertising applications


Control, manage and monitor eScooter fleets

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Fixed line replacement and back-up for payment, security and ordering

In-store WiFi

High speed and secure WiFI solutions with SIM-based hardware

Fulfillment Systems

Handheld scanners, PDAs and tablets for in-store stock management

Payment Systems

ePOS handheld devices for permanent, temporary and mobile deployments

Pop-up Stores

Rapid connectivity deployments for new and seasonal retail locations

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

‘Always-On’ 4G connectivity for long range control and monitoring of commercial drone applications.

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Stock management, security, CCTV feeds and predictive maintenance

Retail 4G connectivity solutions

For specialist retail applications we provide world-class connectivity along with optional routers and accompanying support. With our seamless 4G/5G connectivity and ‘plug and play’ pre-configuration you are ready to go from day one.

With uses from in-store Wi-fi to EPoS, digital signage to ADSL failover, our connected solutions deliver reliable, resilient and secure connectivity for single and multiple deployments, nationally or internationally. Our range of mobile routers are backed by hardware support and expert advice. Whether single SIM, dual SIM or multi-SIM routers, ensuring your retail outlets are in touch, at all times, is key to our retail communications offering.

Provided on an OPEX-based pricing model, you can spread the cost of hardware over a 12, 24 or 36 months period. With no capital expenditure and hardware ready to connect, ‘out of the box’, our router solutions are designed for trouble-free, secure and cost-effective connectivity. Pre-configuration is included within our OPEX-based packages.

4G in action

Our 4G retail connectivity solutions have included:

  • Over 200 Italian Restaurants
  • Over 400 Speciality Coffee Shops
  • 50 Outdoor & Travel Clothing Stores
  • 50 Speciality Bakery Pop-up Stores
  • 20 Juice & Coffee Shops

Mobile Routers for retail solutions

With access to many global brands of routers, we can specify dedicated hardware to suit a wide range of retail needs, factoring in deployment criteria, specification requirements, band width and availability, and budget.

A Typical Retail Connectivity Infrastructure

Retail 4G connectivity solutions and services

Managing deployed routers

With accountability, quality of service and device management all key in ensuring your applications remain connected at all times, router management platforms are becoming a vital tool in the overall management of deployments. This is why router management is at the forefront of multiple connected solutions from Wireless Logic. With facilities such as Encore Networks’ enCloud Management Platform, a complete monitoring and control capability has now become reality. In the case of enCloud, we have integrated this into the SIMPro SIM management platform, creating a ‘single pane of glass’ function for complete visibility of hardware and connectivity.

Dedicated support

Along with world class connectivity and hardware, we provide an industry-leading support service. A single point of contact will ensure a seamless service and any issues efficiently solved.


Your next step…

Talk to our Retail Solutions Team about our broad range of connectivity packages – for UK, in-country roaming and international applications. We can also advise on OPEX router and data packages, removing the need for CAPEX investment. Our OPEX-based pricing model is charged as a single monthly cost.

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