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Eskuta: optimising sustainable eMobilty through IoT connectivity

About Eskuta

Eskuta design and manufacture electric bikes and scooters for the eCargo and leisure markets. Their mission is to inspire sustainable mobility and freedom for the masses, working with single operator companies to corporate clients in the food delivery market.  Using eBikes and eScooters contributes to the longevity and health of the planet as well as reducing cost for their customers.


With local governments moving away from diesel engines by 2030, Eskuta recognised that there was a gap in the market for a low cost, sustainable, single person transportation, especially in the delivery and takeaway market. Chains like Just Eat, Domino’s Pizza and Subway rely on scooters to deliver orders to their clients. However, having this mode of transport not only adds to the environment and carbon footprint but it’s also high in cost to run with insurance, MOT and fuel. Eskuta wanted a solution to provide robust and resilient connectivity that would enable tracking and monitoring of all their bikes without having to rely on customers to keep a PAYG SIM topped up.


Wireless Logic were able to offer un-steered roaming SIMs that could be embedded into each of Eskuta’s e-cargo scooters, the SX-250D, an electrically assisted pedal cycle with reliable and robust cellular connectivity. Eskuta could then monitor data usage real time through our SIM Management platform, SIMPro, where all SIMs can be managed in one window and connected via Wireless Logic’s private APN.  This model of transport not only saves the running costs of the business but is also a solution that will support the government’s plan to help reduce the UK’s carbon footprint. And, as these are classed as bikes, people using them can use dedicated cycle and bus lanes, ride through parks and town centres making navigation to their destination much easier. New regulations also mean that eScooters can be ridden in towns, parks and pedestrian areas, making home delivery much more efficient for the takeaway companies.


Eskuta enable takeaway and delivery brands to be far more efficient with sustainable and environmentally friendly delivery methods. Consumers are increasingly demanding ethically delivered takeaways so companies are looking to more eco-friendly solutions as well as saving costs – this is a great model for the future of takeaway delivery.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIM Connectivity services, more information can be found here. Alternatively, please get in touch with us directly.

From our first engagement with Wireless Logic, it was clear they could add value into our business. As we scale up in the fast paced eMobility sector, we needed flexibility and expertise around connectivity for our operations. Wireless Logic ticks all the boxes and their SIMPro platform provides us not only with visibility of all of our SIMs but we can order and activate new SIMs very quickly to meet demand.

Ian O’Connor,
Managing Director, Eskuta
Wireless Logic

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