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LivEye – Mobile video surveillance with M2M SIM cards

About LivEye

LivEyeGmbH from Föhren (near Trier, Germany) has specialised in guarding temporary risk zones with mobile video systems. With this, LivEye particularly addresses the construction industry, infrastructure projects and administrators of vacancies. Risk zones such as coal-fired power stations or recently a large construction site on the Saint-Gotthard Massif are also among the locations where LivEye’s flexible surveillance systems are used.

The basis of the surveillance performance is the mobile video surveillance devices of LivEye. While the LivEye One is powered by mains power (up to 72h battery buffer), the LivEye PRO is completely self-sufficient using the latest diesel-hybrid technology. Thus, self-sufficient operations of up to 3 months with one tank filling are possible. Equipped with high-resolution 4MP PTZ cameras, the LivEye surveillance devices always have everything in view. The smart LivEye video analysis software reliably detects people and vehicles day and night. Connected to the LivEye Alarm & Monitoring Center, LivEye employees have the possibility to address offenders individually via loudspeaker or alternatively to alert a security service or the police.

LivEye’s corporate goal is to expand its technological and qualitative market leadership. From this motivation LivEye has changed over the years from a system integrator to a developer and manufacturer of electronic components and software. The construction and production of metal parts is also highly individualised at LivEye.

During product development LivEye always has its ear to the customers’ needs. For example, the product range has been expanded in the area of construction site documentation and early fire detection. LivEye was also able to establish new products in the field of demanding perimeter protection over long distances, setting a standard in the industry.


LivEye is in use throughout Europe and is also meeting with lively interest beyond. Often the video surveillance devices of LivEye are used in border regions or very remote areas. With a monthly data requirement of up to 50 GB per device, there must always be a high-performance network connection. Even the failure of individual network providers must not be a problem for the systems of LivEye.

The challenge of LivEye is to choose a provider who, like LivEye, feels at home all over the world and does not think in terms of national borders.

LivEye devices must function smoothly today in Poland and tomorrow on the border between Spain and Portugal.

Due to the pronounced depth of development of LivEye, it is also crucial to work with a provider that delivers technical support for demanding challenges at a very high technical level.


With Wireless Logic’s SIM cards, LivEye video surveillance devices always operate on the strongest network. The change of the networks is automatic and very fast. In case of a network change, there is no interruption of the connection to the LivEye Alarm and Monitoring Centre.

The regularly high data consumption per device and partial peaks, as well as the storage of devices, are absorbed by the large pool of SIM cards. The simple warning functions of the SIMPro portal help to avoid cost outbreaks and to detect errors early on.

Via the SIMPro platform, LivEye can efficiently manage the large inventory of SIM cards. With the option of grouping, the individual national companies can be easily mapped and purchasing can still be carried out centrally via the parent company in Germany. The API of SIMPro provides a very simple yet sophisticated way to supply the LivEye IoT platform with information from Wireless Logic.


St. Gotthardt Windpark

In 2020, LivEye founded its own subsidiary in Switzerland in order to be able to advise and serve the local market locally.

One of the first projects is a major construction site with seven stations on the Saint-Gotthard. Autarkic LivEye Pro devices are used here to guard wind power construction sites.

Wireless Logic provides proof of its performance with 5 different LTE network providers, which alternate according to network strength. As a rule, the seven devices usually work in at least three different networks. In addition to the altitude, rapidly changing weather conditions have an enormous influence on the network quality.

With the realisation of this highly challenging project, Wireless Logic is consolidating the trust of LivEye and LivEye´s sales team is not shying away any more of remote regions.

Working with Wireless Logic gives us the assurance of always having a powerful connection to our video systems. We always have our costs under control thanks to the transparent tariff structure and the SIMPro portal.

Marc Thurn,
founder and managing director of LivEye GmbH
Wireless Logic

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