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UK leading Mobile Resource Management specialist integrates best-in-class connectivity


As an emerging technology specialist within the Mobile Resource Management sector, BigChange has taken the market by storm, delivering a range of innovative mobile workforce and tracking solutions. With intuitive, simple to use operation and levels of ‘big business’ capability unseen within the market to date, BigChange has brought about a seismic shift that is seeing adoption from major corporates through to SMEs and smaller operators. The brainchild of serial-entrepreneur and telematics legend Martin Port and calling upon his experience from creating and growing one of the UK’s largest telematics organisations, BigChange has embraced the power of cloud-based apps and married with smart mobile-based hardware.

The results are end-to-end workforce solutions designed to deliver significant savings across organisations’ operations. JobWatch is an ‘out of the box’ field-based services and transport solution with mobile, back office and tracking all-in-one. Whether plug and play, integrated hardware or using the latest in rugged mobile tablets, JobWatch has been rolled out to thousands of users in just two years. Features such as CRM, job scheduling, resource time management and quotation to invoicing tools are driving efficiencies throughout operations utilising the solution.

The Solution

Key to JobWatch’s success is the ability to communicate two-way securely, always on, and with strong resilience. By the nature of mobile workforces, coverage has also been a big factor in Mobile Network selection. And it is to this end that BigChange turned to Wireless Logic – an organisation with a commitment to supporting high-growth companies within the telematics and mobile resource sectors.

With a defined requirement to use both UK local and roaming tariffs, the brief to Wireless Logic was to tailor a range of low to high usage SIM tariffs with consolidated aggregation with a choice of Mobile Networks. In addition to this, BigChange highlighted a number of bolt-on services to overlay connectivity including Fixed IP, VPN and the integration of Wireless Logic’s one-window SIM management platform ‘SIMPro’. Following a series of trials and extensive price modelling, a formal strategic alliance was established which today sees multiple connections across O2, Everything Everywhere and KPN.

Vital to the success of managing multiple connections, BigChange values the ability to view in real-time each and every deployed SIM, regardless of Mobile Network Operator. Utilising Wireless Logic’s VPN ‘NetPro’ in conjunction with assigned Fixed IP, the BigChange team can monitor data usage, set alerts and communicate two-way via an integrated SMS tool with all of their field-based assets.

The most recent addition to the Wireless Logic services platform for BigChange is the introduction of ‘Mapping Solutions’, featuring the powerful mapping solutions of HERE and Google. With SIM contracts rolled up with mapping licenses, the combined package is delivered in a competitive singular monthly fee per asset. Procuring mapping and location-based solutions in this way has enabled BigChange to employ a more flexible and scalable solution without significant CAPEX normally associated with such location services.

BigChange has set ambitious targets with 120% year-on-year growth forecast. By 2020 it is expected to have a 100,000 SIM subscriber base in the UK alone, with further expansion plans for mainland Europe and USA. The resulting management of high bandwidth connectivity across multiple countries will see the Wireless Logic SIMPro platform come into its own. Supported by country offices in four European locations, BigChange will be able to access and use local and global mobile Networks whilst maintaining complete control in operation and strong financial management within every region. They will also benefit from technology expertise and customer service from the Wireless Logic teams.

Platform and services to support ambitious growth plans

Oliver Tucker, Co-founder and CEO Wireless Logic comments: “Working with Martin and his team is a natural progression following our years of business with his previous organisation. We respect and admire how BigChange have engaged with the Mobile Resource Management Sector and developed solutions that have evolved from extensive market understanding.

“We are confident that the foundations are in place for Wireless Logic to deliver ‘best-in-class’ managed services with connectivity, platforms and mapping. With such growth plans, we believe BigChange have selected the right organisation to grow with them.”

Our vision is to deliver dramatic change to the way companies plan, manage, schedule and track mobile workforces and associated assets. Change only works when all components blend seamlessly together. Integrating the support, technology platforms and value-added services from Wireless Logic will enable our solutions to communicate – securely, safely and competitively.Having worked with them for several years, we’ve grown to appreciate their drive for platform perfection and their integrity in delivering the right solutions for the tasks in hand. With Wireless Logic, BigChange is fully charged for a busy future.

Martin Port,
Founder and CEO, BigChange
Wireless Logic

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