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From vehicle tracking to dashcam footage – the power of cellular prevails


Established in 2004 by industry experts, RAM Tracking has built a market-leading business based on the principles of customer focus and technical innovation. With tens of thousands of vehicle assets now under their management, RAM’s solutions encompass asset tracking and dashcam technology, all playing critical roles in ensuring operational standards, safety and efficiency are addressed for today’s fleet owners. With innovation and technology all developed in-house, the company’s ethos has been built around the customer journey – creating easy-to-use interfaces and cloud-based eco-systems, backed by transparent and competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Their solutions boast impressive statistics with fleet owners reporting up to 50% in fuel savings and 30% more productivity.

RAMTracking supported by Wireless Logic Group

The Connectivity Challenge

From the outset of the business, the ability to ensure reliable and secure connectivity to each device has been front-of-mind. Immediate and accurate reporting of data, whether for location, driver behaviour or in-vehicle footage are all critical in delivering the right intelligence to RAM’s customer base. With cost management being a big driver as part of the overall solution, RAM’s operational management have consistently monitored usage levels to ensure best value, building a business model based upon aggregated usage across multiple fleets.

Consequently, the big challenge has always been to identify the most appropriate connected solutions, whether for UK or internationally-based assets, and have in place the management systems and platforms to ensure optimisation of data usage, whether for low-data vehicle tracking or the high data demands of dashcam footage.

RAMTracking's platform - connected by Wireless Logic Group

Smart connected thinking

Through years of fine-tuning, RAM has honed its connectivity requirements working in partnership with lead IoT connectivity platform provider, Wireless Logic Group. On board since 2010, both teams have identified short and long-term wins to deliver effective IoT SIM solutions across RAM’s many applications. Today, Wireless Logic connects over 50,000 RAM assets with a focus on:

Flexibility and ease

Providing SIM solutions that shape to the application’s connectivity need – utilising ‘unsteered’ roaming SIMs that connect to a range of networks based upon strongest signal first. This removes the reliance upon one Mobile Network and the possible limitations in terms of coverage and reach. Through one SIM, multiple networks are reached, without the need for numerous SIM types.

Accountability and control

Managing thousands of SIMs well is fundamental to RAM. Wireless Logic’s SIMPro platform enables the RAM team to control usage, billing, SIM status and numerous other actions, all through one window, regardless of SIM mobile network. Visibility when consuming large amounts of data across such a large estate is important to ensure best value and financial control. Management of the estate employs the use of fixed IP to a SIM, allowing each deployed asset to be accessed ‘two-way’ through Wireless Logic’s secure private infrastructure overlay.

Choice and diversity

Whilst asset tracking SIMs have traditionally used low amounts of data, new innovations including Dashcam video have changed the rules in terms of potentially ultra-high usage. RAM’s new focus within the Dashcam market is seeing the importance of video capture from multiple camera points – calling on important cloud-based footage when required for ‘First notification of Loss’ in relation to incidents and accidents. To deliver the most appropriate connectivity solution, Wireless Logic are able to tailor tariffs that reflect the levels of usage – particularly when applications are first installed and cater for early customer ‘intrigue’ usage. To counter for such activity, aggregated pools of data enable extreme usage to be amortised across multiple SIMs, thus balancing the levels to a more manageable state.

Multiple solutions in one

In addition to Wireless Logic creating a range of data SIM solutions for all of RAM’s applications, they have also ‘rolled up’ the mapping aspect of the RAM Tracking system architecture, integrating the advanced geo-location and vehicle attributes HERE platform within the overall OPEX connectivity model. As a key partner of the global HERE platform, the Wireless Logic team are providing unrivalled commercial solutions that streamline the purchasing process as well as combining the technical support for two vital components within RAM’s ‘next generation’ tracking offering.

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Enzo Iacobucci, Account Manager for Wireless Logic Group comments: “As a major customer that has grown with us over the years, now more than ever it’s imperative that we deliver value-based solutions to ensure RAM their competitive edge. That means providing a suite of connectivity services that can evolve in line with RAM’s technology. Our focus is on the growing size of data which is driving the dashcam market – to make sure critical footage captured can be communicated efficiently, from anywhere in the world. The transport and logistics market is an exciting place to be – we are glad to be at the side of RAM Tracking.”

As our range of tracking solutions evolve, inevitably our levels of data are in the spotlight – both in terms of security and levels of consumption. We have to continually appraise activity across our connected estate to achieve best value and unquestionable quality. With Wireless Logic on board, their understanding and guidance are supporting us in maximising ROI, whilst ensuring that every asset deployed is future-proofed. This is particularly relevant in the fast-changing cellular technology - smarter, more sophisticated and flexible to our needs.

Scott Chesworth,
Operations Manager. RAM Tracking
Wireless Logic

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