Wireless Logic selected as first Vodafone UK commercial partner for Multi-access Edge Computing

DMEC delivers intelligence for businesses where it is needed

17th June 2021

Oliver Tucker, CEO

Wireless Logic has been selected by multinational telecommunications and technology company Vodafone as its first commercial partner for MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) connectivity in the UK. 

Distributed MEC  (DMEC) enables businesses to access AWS cloud services at the Vodafone network edge, allowing them to take greater advantage of the power of the cloud with the high responsiveness of a public 4G or 5G network.

DMEC runs on a public 4G or 5G network. Applications run locally, providing real-time response rates dependent on the application, and almost instantaneous decision-making. These capabilities significantly benefit tech companies where highly responsive communications and augmented or virtual reality is a core component of the solutions such as video surveillance, drones and robotics, autonomous vehicles, energy and utilities, emergency services and even retail.

Anne Sheehan, Business Director, Vodafone UK, says: “Distributed MEC has the capability to revolutionise the way we do business by bringing the cloud closer to the end-user. By moving computing, storage and management to the “edge” of the network, we’re unlocking new possibilities for our users. Business applications will be able to respond in real-time, making once-impossible outcomes to reality.”

In the UK, Vodafone will partner with Wireless Logic to work with customers to bring the capabilities to life as a reseller of IoT SIMs optimised for MEC. The partnership came as the result of a close, long-standing relationship between Vodafone and Wireless Logic as well as a shared commitment to keeping businesses connected. As a result, from today Vodafone’s UK-based customers using AWS cloud services, who require less than 250 SIMs, will be able to purchase 4G or 5G connectivity and access Wireless Logic’s SIM connectivity management platform, SIMPro.

Oliver Tucker, CEO at Wireless Logic, concludes: “We are thrilled to have been selected by Vodafone to help accelerate the roll-out of Distributed MEC. We always value our partners and we look forward to playing an important role in bringing these new innovative technology solutions to market.”

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