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Being a graduate at Wireless Logic

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Jake Green

I joined Wireless Logic in October 2018 as part of the graduate induction scheme, after an initial phone interview, I participated in the graduate assessment day, and was then asked back for a second final interview where I was ultimately successful.

Joining straight after university, where I had immersed myself into an academic environment, I was unsure as to what to expect as I plunged into the world of business. The transition from university, where one is almost in a state of semi-adulthood – suspended between leaving school and entering the ‘real world’, an expression my parents are far too keen about using! Many of my friends who were in the exact same position as me, the beginning of their career in various jobs and areas, were simply thrown into the deep end, without any guidance or training. After hearing their experiences, I was initially hesitant as to how I would fare. All of these thoughts were running through my head as I walked in for my first day, and were promptly banished within minutes, as the team welcomed me with massive smiles all round.

There was a clear, defined induction process that had been in the works for a considerable amount of time, with numerous sessions booked in with representatives from each department. It was a very gradual and structured experience, with product & industry knowledge carefully drip-fed in over time. Wireless Logic understand the value of personal development, meaning they allowed myself as a graduate to learn and grow into my role at own my speed, without feeling pressurised. The induction process employed KPI’s as useful benchmarks, as this was a clear way to measure progression and ensure knowledge intake was continuing as expected. There was a clear goal in site, of being able to slot into the role of account management, comfortable enough to interact with customers and uncover opportunities.

The social side to Wireless Logic is another important element to the business, with our charismatic CEO Oliver leading the way in organising many weird and wonderful team days out! Over the last 6 months, we have done everything from a medieval themed escape room to the Crystal Maze, with monthly work drinks in the sun to boot. Especially from the perspective of a recent graduate entering a work environment for the first time, these social events are a perfect way to get to know your colleagues and integrate into the work culture.

So, almost a year on from joining Wireless Logic, I can look back favourably on the graduate intake process with happy memories, I will never forget the sheer ecstasy I felt when I was offered the job, something truly special. On a day-to-day basis, I am responsible for managing numerous accounts under the banner of Inside Sales. The most unique characteristic of my position is that no one account is like each other, we operate in so many different markets, that every day I am dealing with a customer that is nothing like the previous. Although one should never feel as though they have learnt all there is to know, I am confident in my knowledge and relish developing my relationships with my customers. I am absolutely certain that this confidence is a clear result of the induction and development process, and had I simply been thrown in the deep end and expected to learn on the job, I would have undoubtedly sunk.

I would strongly recommend the Wireless Logic graduate intake scheme, as it is a gradual nurturing process that I am still very much part of even now. The IoT industry is fascinating, with new technologies and patterns emerging constantly, Wireless Logic is helping to shape these pathways and through the graduate scheme, it is an opportunity to become part of this exciting future.

My story by Jake Green, Internal Sales Executive, Wireless Logic Group


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