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‘Always-On’ 4G connectivity for long range control and monitoring of commercial drones

In advance of 5G networks becoming widely available, 4G provides commercial drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAVs) with resilient and secure connectivity as the market grows.

Cellular connectivity provides resilient and secure control for commercial drones

Businesses can perform important tasks, deliver critical packages, or monitor large areas of territory using commercial drones. We have helped drone manufactures and operators control and monitor drones through our secure IoT cellular connectivity solution.

The rapid growth of commercial drone use

Drones are fast becoming more widely used for commercial use. Businesses and industries are recognising the benefits including operational convenience, faster delivery of products and services, and the ability to travel to remote and hard to reach places. With the requirement for drones to be able to travel for miles and across different network coverage areas as well as relay huge amounts of data, drone manufactures using a single network, consumer grade SIM would face a number of challenges and risk.

Many drone applications involve the transfer of real time data from the drone itself to the cloud. This data transfer, known as data payload, needs to be secure and performant, achieved via a private APN overlay. Having a simple solution with multi-layer security will help avoid any potentials data breaches, misuse or unauthorised access

With number of commercial drones in use increasing, we’re now seeing the development of flight corridors. To integrate commercial drones into global airspace with manned aviation safely requires drones to transmit their location back to air traffic control to help avoid any collisions.

Why Drone solution providers are turning to cellular connectivity

Without a reliant connection and comprehensive network coverage, it’s likely the drone will fail to operate, or at least, transmit the data generated. Solution providers are turning to cellular connectivity for simple, highly secure, and resilient connectivity. By using cellular connectivity, the SIM inside the drone will pick up the strongest signal and switch between networks as required. With the growing number of drones being used for commercial use, having full control and visibility beyond the visual line of site (BVLOS) and access to real time data generated from the drone removes the risk of any physical collisions or accidents.

By using an un-steered multi-network SIM and 4G, the drone will have ‘Always-On’ connectivity mitigating risk of downtime as it will always connect to the best available network, providing the pilot with full command and control. This solution allows for streaming high data volumes of both video and still visuals.

We offer an Ultra High Availability SIM to deliver the highest levels of up-time and resilience, recommended for applications where loss of connectivity is not an option. By overlaying a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and working with a connectivity provider with ISO27001 certification, businesses will have the reassurance that their data will be managed and processed securely.

Wireless Logic’ SIM Connectivity platform SIMPro gives users full visibility and control across multiple networks on any number of IoT SIMs.

Case Study: Sky Drones Technologies Ltd

Sky Drones Technologies Ltd provide hardware and software products for drone manufactures, connecting straight to the operator via 4GE LTE connectivity. They supplied their customers with a full end-to-end solution but relied upon their customers to supply their own SIM card to be embedded into the drone. This approach meant customers would supply a single network Mobile Broadband SIM, limiting the capabilities and connectivity with the drone and risking connectivity downtime. Drones can fly for miles. If they fly out of range, they risk losing connectivity, and potentially cause accidents or damage, both to people and buildings.

By using an un-steered multi network SIM from Wireless Logic, Sky Drones Technologies Ltd could provide their customers with ‘Always-On’ connectivity through a resilient and secure connection. Data generated from the drone was secured by overlaying Wireless Logic’ Virtual Private Network (VPN) all fully managed through the SIM Connectivity platform, SIMPro.

Podcast: New regulations, the challenges and why cellular connectivity is helping businesses

The use of drones has come a long way over the last few years and they are being used for multiple applications. From agriculture surveillance, to delivering everyday packages and medicine, drones are enabling businesses to be more efficient, sustainable and operational.

Recent regulations now mean that any drone flying in cities and towns, especially near airports, must broadcast its position and maintain visibility for safety reasons, and any data relayed from the drone back to the main hub must also be kept secure.

Jack Drinkwater, Business Development Executive, Wireless Logic and Lukáš Brchl, CEO of Dronetag, talk about these new regulations in this podcast from Electronic Specifier, the challenges drone operators and manufacturers face, and why cellular connectivity is helping businesses evolve their future through the use of safe and secure drone technology.

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How cellular will enable the growth of the commercial drone market

Matthew Clark, Business Developer Manager, explains how cellular connectivity is playing an important role in the growth of the commercial drone market and how we help organisations navigate and overcome challenges of resilience, security and safety for a future proofed and compliant solution.

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