Reliable Cellular Connectivity for Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Home-based healthcare monitoring for patients using IoT connectivity.

Connected Solutions for Remote Patient Monitoring

Cellular connectivity enables patients to monitor their chronic illness or disease from the safety and comfort of their own home, whilst providing healthcare professionals with an up to date report on their patients’ health.

The rapid growth of connected Remote Patient Monitoring solutions

Why are eHealth solution providers turning to cellular connectivity?

The Rapid Growth of Connected Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Enabling patients to monitor and manage their own chronic illnesses through connected devices has many benefits, both for the patient and for the healthcare organisation. By providing devices that patients can use independently to monitor diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sleep apnoea or even medication adherence, patients can experience a better quality of life as they do not need to spend time in hospitals or clinics. At the same time, care workers and doctors can monitor their patient’s current health and collect data to make informed decisions without the patient having to leave their home. With the addition of the COVID-19 pandemic, the requirement for remote patient monitoring solutions has accelerated as they have helped to keep patients safe, reducing the strain on healthcare organisations and reducing overall healthcare spend.

Why are eHealth Solution Providers Turning to Cellular Connectivity?

Remote patient monitoring solutions require varying levels of network bandwidth depending on the application type when transmitting data from the patients’ device back to the healthcare organisation. With cellular connectivity, Solution Providers have a choice to the type of connectivity and network with different tariffs suitable for each deployment. Typical connectivity for these types of applications can be 4G for higher bandwidth applications that require fast, secure and resilient connectivity. Alternatively, with the emergence of LPWAN networks, these technologies will provide another option to Solution Providers who are deploying devices that may be battery operated with lower bandwidth requirements.

By using an un-steered roaming SIM, the device will have ‘Always On’ connectivity, critical for remote patient monitoring. For instances where there is a requirement for two-way communication with the remote devices, fixed private IP addressing will allow secure connectivity via virtual private networks (VPNs). Incorporating cellular connectivity means that patients will not need to rely on Wi-Fi or a fixed line, something that some people may not already have installed in their home. By working with a connectivity provider with ISO27001 certification, Solution Providers will have the reassurance that any data generated will be managed and processed securely.
Wireless Logic’s SIM Connectivity Platform, SIMPro, provides users with full visibility and control of their entire SIM estate across multiple networks and any number of IoT SIMs. This ensures that solution providers can be confident that their service will be able to scale efficiently.

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Resilient connectivity

Un-steered roaming for secure ‘Always-On’ 4G and LTE-M connectivity and private APN


Secure two-way data

Private Infrastructure and VPN solutions


Total Control

Any network, any number of deployments, all under a single monthly bill through SIMPro


IoT Expertise

Tailored solutions for your application’s specific connectivity needs.


Security Standards

ISO27001 accredited

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