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Luminite: security solutions with IoT technology

About Luminite

Based in North London, Luminite Electronics are specialists in PIR detection, wireless switching, IP connectivity and wireless alert systems. With over 37 years’ experience, they’re experts in both the security and home automation markets and are dedicated to providing their customers with the most dependable and robust security solutions, excellent customer service and knowledgeable technical support.


Luminite have developed a flexible wireless PIR camera technology, OCULi, that utilises the latest in lithium battery power and cellular connectivity. This is ideal for use in vulnerable areas where CCTV cannot be installed due to power and internet limitations. Fitted with a VGA camera and powerful IR LED, OCULi uses the mobile phone network to send rapid visual verification of a detected event. Supported by Luminite’s web portal and OCULi app on both Android and iOS, users can configure a host of functions, including arm and disarm unites on site, push notifications, PIR setting adjustments and view events.

A key element of OCULi is that it delivers an ‘always on, always connected’ functionality. Whilst working with lithium technology has safely delivered optimised power to solve the ‘always on’ challenge, initial trials presented disappointing connectivity test results for the Luminite development team as connectivity showed to be slow and unreliable.

With an increasing amount of locations requiring rapid verification detection where users need to respond immediately to alerts, the availability and cost of power and fixed line broadband installation can be time consuming and expensive.


To ensure OCULi was connected to the strongest network possible, and to guarantee the system maintained a rapid and resilient delivery of images, Wireless Logic investigated a number of 3G/4G options as part of their broader IoT connectivity platform offering.

The Scandinavian-based Telenor network was recommended as part of the solution whereby the optimal signal is always be selected first. This was essential, as a roaming SIM is typically pushed to a preferred network, which can have a detrimental effect for installations like this that require the strongest signal.

This solution uses a fixed-IP SIM across our private network overlay. This allows secure two-way traffic off the public network, enhanced by a more resilient, SLA-based supported infrastructure that is vital for strategically deployed security devices.

What’s more, management of the SIM estate is controlled via the Wireless Logic SIMPro platform. With multi-level access, this means that Luminite can view their entire SIM portfolio whilst enabling further controlled access throughout the supply chain — from distributor to end user. And whilst customers have the choice of acquiring connectivity either directly from Wireless Logic or through an end-to-end package from Luminite, the flexibility of SIMPro’s billing capabilities allows both organisations to explore further revenue-share options. These include seamless billing to end users in all layers of the supply chain.


The Telenor solution has surpassed the expectations of the Luminite development team. The cost of utilising a roaming SIM solution has fit perfectly within Luminite’s connectivity model, and because the solution is reliable and totally wireless, OCULi is able to be placed in the most remote and hard to reach locations — giving the system unique flexibility.

OCULi also integrates with the IMMIX IP intruder alarm and video monitoring platform, a worldwide platform that allows alarm receiving and monitoring centres (ARCs) to efficiently manage and control responses to events. The solution will now be rolled out across Europe using our connectivity solution, and the next step will be to leverage the connectivity delivered by us to augment OCULi’s features with voice alerts and verbal broadcasts from the OCULi unit, enabling communication with anyone in the vicinity of the camera.

Whilst still early days, the results of the first deployments have been encouraging. ‘Without wires’ gives customers the broadest flexibility in how they protect their property and assets. We had initially focused on construction sites, farm buildings and vacant properties, but the variety of use applications is growing day by day – including the protection of public defibrillator cabinets! With connectivity assured, we are confident that OCULi will become the go-to camera solution wherever users need a rapidly-deployed, cost-effective and resilient visual-alert solution. They can now install the OCULi unit – with no strings and no wires attached!

Laura Grainger,
Wireless Logic

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