Wireless Logic extends international reach with major US partnerships

Wireless Logic has recently expanded its global offering by partnering with three major MNOs in the US, enabling direct connectivity to US customers and opens new opportunities to EU customers.

Oliver Tucker, CEO

Wireless Logic Group has recently expanded its global offering by partnering with three major MNOs in the US.

Wireless Logic simplifies and automates IoT connectivity, offering a single platform to securely manage connected assets across any network and number of deployments.

For customers, this can accelerate time to market, simplify global supply chains and lower total cost of ownership. Through the new agreements, Wireless Logic can deliver local (i.e., non-roaming) cellular connectivity and direct network access for multiple IoT devices and applications in the US as well as parts of Canada and Mexico.

New and existing Wireless Logic customers now have local access to 4G, 5G and low-power wide-area
(LPWA) networks as Wireless Logic partners with three of the largest providers of mobile services in
the US. Customers will have the capability for international roaming where required.

Oliver Tucker Co-Founder and CEO at Wireless Logic said: “As demand for connected solutions shows no sign of slowing, we are extremely excited about the potential of these agreements to provide local network access for customers deploying solutions in North America. It’s our extensive relationships with MNOs that enable us to provide unrivalled customer service and to deliver value throughout the IoT connectivity chain. By combining our own ‘built for IoT’ global network – which aggregates the world’s best 4G, 5G and LPWAN radio networks – with coverage from three of America’s major network providers, we are strengthening our position in the global IoT connectivity market.”

Together, these partnerships will enable Wireless Logic to sell its managed Internet-of-Things (IoT)
connectivity directly to US customers and create new opportunities for European customers to rapidly
deploy and future-proof connected solutions in America with confidence.

Access and direct connectivity to all three networks for Wireless Logic customers is available now.

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