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Delivering excellent customer service is our driving force

Our new Customer Success Team share some of the changes we’ve made to ensure we’re always evolving to provide our customers with best service.

Lauren Andrews, our Customer Success Manager, explains how we have enhanced our customer experience since the realignment in early 2021.

At Wireless Logic we pride ourselves on our support and the relationships we build with our customers. As technology advances and adapting to working from home, maintaining and evolving our support levels has been key.

Here in the UK, we continually review the services we provide to help identify what ‘success’ looks like for our customers from onboarding to support. We’ve obtained feedback via customer satisfaction, NPS surveys and service reviews to help us structure, improve and deliver the service we provide today.

To ensure we continue to evolve and meet our customer’ support needs in a timely manner, we’ve introduced new processes and realigned resources to create the new Customer Success Team.

Lucy Duffy, Emma Hardman, Grace Morton-Woodruff and Katherine Monkhouse explain how the realignment and changes to our services have already started to benefit our customers.

How is the new SIMPro platform being used to help/support customers manage their SIM estates?
– SIMPro has many customizable features which provides each user the ability to tailor their own set-up to assist their job role. We have a variety of different tools that enable users to view information in a number of ways, customise their dashboard and even take steps to investigate potential issues if needed. If the customer needs any help our new live chat function allows them to interact with us directly if needed.

LD – The ‘digital assistance’ tool guides customers through the portal in a seamless way making SIMPro more user friendly. It’s never been easier or faster to learn ‘how to find…’ anything on the platform!
We’ll also host tailored SIMPro overviews which play a key part in maximising our customers’ ability to self-serve and manage their SIM estates.

What channels of communication do we have to support our customers?
The ‘chat’ feature on SIMPro is growing in popularity week on week! Chat allows instant communication (with a real human of course!) and is available Monday – Friday 8.30am-6pm. We can share screenshots of sections of the portal, ping test results and device logs to customers. If we can’t resolve the query over the chat, we can create a case at the click of button. I honestly do not know how we managed without this feature before and would encourage all SIMPro users to utilise it!

KM – The chat function is a very useful tool particularly when a customer requires assistance navigating the new portal. In addition to the chat function, we are available to help over the phone, as well as via our ticketing system should a query require escalation between departments. By having a variety of communication channels provides our customers with the flexibility to contact us in a way that suits them.

What is the experience for customers when they first onboard?
– Our customer onboarding aims to support our new and prospective customers on the first steps of their connectivity journey with Wireless Logic. We’re on hand to proactively support all new customers, ensuring they have everything they need to utilise our products successfully.

KM – Once a customer has received their products from Wireless Logic, someone from the Customer Success team will reach out to them to ensure everything is working as expected and take them through the platform. On average this takes a couple of phone calls to ensure the product works as expected and to demo SIMPro , but importantly, we’re accommodating to the individual customer’s needs.

LD – Our focus is to expand on the customer relationship. We’ll ask the customer questions to gain information regarding their business goals so we can ensure expectations are met and assist with any support. It’s important for the customer to know the line of communication doesn’t end once they have received their products and we are here to support them throughout their partnership with Wireless Logic.

EH – It’s been great to witness our new ‘Onboarding Process’ for new accounts and to be able to educate our customers from the start on the benefits of using SIMPro.  Customers have particularly loved that we promote setting up alerts and bespoke scheduled reports – it’s been a game changer for them as they feel they have more control.

What type of service are we now able to provide to our customers? How has this effected our customer service feedback
EH – I’ve worked for Wireless Logic for nearly 12 years and delivering excellent Customer Service is an integral part of our core values. It’s great to be part of the Customer Success Team who truly champion improving the experience for the customer and providing education on our portal. I absolutely love being part of a team where delivering excellent service is its driving force.

GMW – The new features we now allow us to interact seamlessly with our customers whether it be resolving issues, general queries, or onboarding. With a drive on personalized support through SIMPro and our customer interactions, we’ve seen an increase in our relationships with our customers in a positive way.

KM – We’ve worked hard to ensure our responses are quick and efficient, whilst still getting to the bottom of any issues our customers may be experiencing, which is shown in the positive feedback we are receiving from our customers!

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