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Wireless Logic partners with workforce management specialist Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide is a leading provider of mobile business solutions led by its ‘mpro’ platform. mpro is ‘Smart Mobile Working as a Service’ and includes features and services delivered on an affordable monthly subscription basis including hardware (smartphone/PDA/tablet) with integrated software, a suite of job scheduling, alerting and reporting tools, cloud infrastructure and comprehensive installation and support services.

mpro aims to improve the efficiency of an organisation’s field-based staff, capturing data out in the field to optimise their operational performance in real-time. The ability to respond to changing environments and work requirements through readily-available data enables workers to better plan, organise and execute mission-critical tasks.

Wireless Logic have been working both indirectly and directly with Crimson Tide over a number of years, enabling the field-based devices through secure 4G connectivity. With the entire Crimson Tide connected portfolio managed across SIMPro – Wireless Logic’s SIM management and control platform, users can monitor performance and costs of their mobile connectivity usage through one window. With thousands of deployed assets, security is assured via Wireless Logic’s private infrastructure overlay to the Mobile Network Operators, delivering 99.8% uptime, fixed IP and the strictest of SLAs.

Crimson Tide have a busy promotional programme throughout 2019/20 where they will be exhibiting and demonstrating the mpro platform. With co-branding and sales support, Wireless Logic’s connectivity solutions will form an integral part to the mpro offering.

With users including the UK’s leading supermarket chains, the NHS and railway operators, mpro enabled by cellular IoT connectivity is making great strides across the smart working eco-system.

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