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An early Christmas at Wireless Logic

Christmas is literally walking in the air at Wireless Logic Group Ltd as the UK Headquarters team have assembled around 50 shoebox treats for local Maidenhead-based charity, The Brett Foundation. Whilst the charity’s normal remit is supporting local people to the Berkshire town who are homeless or families that are living in poverty, each year a consignment of shoe boxes filled with toys, treats, toiletries and clothing is sent to the Taiama Village, an organisation that works with children aged 2 to 16 located in the Kori Chiefdom in  Sierra Leone.

This year’s shoebox appeal has been led by Senior Service Desk Analyst, Lauren Andrews, who has coordinated efforts to create the Christmas-themed gifts. Commenting on the team’s efforts prior to the boxes being shipped, Lauren said: “This year we have almost trebled the number of shoeboxes created for the children. From what we understand, the children can walk miles to pick up their Christmas treats, so we’ve made every effort to create gifts that will make them smile. My thanks go to all of my colleagues who have assembled wonderful presents for a very worthwhile cause which we hope really does send the Christmas message to people who most need it.”


The shoebox consignment will shortly set sail for Sierra Leone continuing the campaign set up by The Brett Foundation which started back in 2011. Commenting on behalf of the charity, Susan Brett, co-founder said: “This village has been struck by so many tragedies, yet they stick together and try to improve their lives and become self sufficient.  Due to Ebola and natural disasters, over half of the children in the village lost their parents, yet the village have joined together to provide homes for these orphans, so that they can remain in the close nit village.  Yet it causes hardship to families who are already struggling.  None of the children we support have ever received a Christmas gift, had anything which is just theirs or anything new.  These boxes show that they are not alone and we are there supporting them and helping them and supporting the families who have taken children in. These boxes make a huge difference to so many, not just in this village, but also the surrounding villages whose children walk miles in the hope of receiving one.   It is because these boxes are so important not just to us but also the children in Taiama.  Thank you to Wireless Logic for helping to make such a huge difference to the lives of children in the Kori Chiefdom and bringing hope and love to those who thought they had been forgotten.”

For more information on The Brett Charity, go to

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