Wireless Logic within the M2M IoT eco-system

Connecting mission-critical devices across a fully-managed and tailored platform is at the heart of Wireless Logic’s comms proposition. Giving customers choice by strategically partnering with many of the world’s mobile networks, providing us a global reach of over 600 operators, and an increasing range of other bearer services.

Controlling the connectivity, data usage and visible attributes to each connected asset is the responsibility of SIMPro, Wireless Logic’s platform that gives users access to operational tools vital to their M2M/IoT asset management. That visibility is not limited to one mobile network at a time – SIMPro enables asset managers to have 360 degree control across each network, and when combined with our private infrastructure NetPro, can deliver comprehensive usage management including individual and aggregated data alerts all in real-time.

IoT-platform-Illustration A

The connectivity tools delivered by Wireless Logic are not limited to communications only. Beyond NetPro which enables users to create VPNs directly into their own infrastructures supported by fixed IP to each device, Wireless Logic can overlay MapPro – combining connectivity and world-leading mapping and LBS tools from Google Maps AND HERE Location Services. Additionally, new device management tools are now available giving users more control on the performance and functionality of each connected asset.


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