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IoT connectivity for any device, anywhere

We connect, control and secure the Internet of Things

The world is alive with things: there are billions of devices supported by millions of applications, and it’s growing 30% every year. These applications are enhancing lives and accelerating the pace of positive economic, social and environmental change across the globe.

IoT connectivity for any device, anywhere

A new thing, device or asset is connected to our cellular platform every 20 seconds of every day. And today, we have over 12 million IoT subscriptions (3 million of which are eSIM) active in 165 countries, with collaborative partnerships that provide reach into more than 750 mobile networks across the globe.

SIMPro, our purpose-built IoT connectivity platform connects (globally and locally) across multiple mobile networks and technologies to give customers a single management window for their assets. It provides the ultimate connectivity, control and security.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are as diverse as the devices we connect. Global OEMs, system integrators, solution providers, application developers, blue-chip enterprises and start-ups all trust us with their mission critical data.

A key strength is our experience across multi-industry sectors and applications: agriculture, transport healthcare, security, building management… We bring vertical sector expertise to help solutions providers integrate the best-connected solution for their project.

Importantly, we are network and technology agnostic. Our experts configure the optimal solution for the application in hand, whether utilising single or multiple networks to achieve the right solution.

The IoT connectivity pioneers

The world of connectivity is ever changing. And we’re constantly developing, evolving and transforming our services to bring our customers more powerful solutions.

Our focus is entirely on our customers – meeting customers where they are to help them innovate by providing expert service and the most flexible, resilient and secure connectivity solutions in the market.

We have pioneered the IoT connectivity market since 2000 and are now leading its future as a global solution provider and market leader. We deliver customised IoT connectivity solutions for each customer, helping them to accelerate the return on their IoT investment.

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