Highly specialist, highly knowledgeable

Wireless Logic’s strength is in its experience within the IoT/M2M sectors – working with multiple verticals and multiple applications.  Our business development and technology teams can impart sound, relevant and evidence-based advice giving you and your customers total confidence in approaching connectivity solutions.

Take the Wireless Logic team with you to your client meetings –our business teams can be introduced as YOUR consultants.

Earn, earn, earn

With 3G/4G being utilised across more and more IoT/M2M applications, the opportunity for you to earn recurring revenue as a new and profitable income generator from existing and new customers is both exciting and real!

Agnostic – Not one mobile network, but many

Your customers won’t necessarily settle for a one network solution. Signal strength, choice of tariff packages, local or global applications – the right solution is to have an agnostic approach, choosing one or multiple networks to optimise your connectivity platform.

Value-added services

Wireless Logic’s suite of services overlay the mobile network infrastructure. They are provided at negligible cost when compared with the network brands. And in many cases, these overlays are simply not available elsewhere.

NetPro Virtual Private Network: Can work across all network operators giving secure point to point connectivity with fixed IP for IoT applications. A VPN with no capex, rapid rollout and the best SLAs. Learn more

SIMPro Management platform: An industry-leading ‘one window’ platform that delivers SIM management tools to provision, control, organise and view real-time data usage. One window to every network operator. Learn more


DevicePro Device Management: One platform that can provide multiple functionality in the management of devices – control, maintenance, updates and much more. Proven to optimise asset performance. Learn more

MapPro mapping platform: Integration of HERE or Google maps into your applications, accessing global mapping and Location-based Services (LBS) without the constraints of punitive upfront licensing fees. Backed by a team of brand technology specialists. Learn more

A flexible approach

We know and understand the nuances of customer relationships. All too often, business solutions require tailoring – whether in financial structure or to suit a specific integration requirement. As Wireless Logic is not a corporate giant, our approach will help you develop business packages precisely to the needs of your clients.

A sound business footing

As one of the most successful IoT connectivity platform providers across Europe, Wireless Logic is a financially strong organisation recognised by its peers and the industry. Our track record includes the award of  ‘Best Mobile/Data Service Provider’ at the renowned Comms National Awards. The organisation is backed by Montagu Private Equity and is under the direction of its original co-founders.



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