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Building Management Systems are evolving with the adoption of newer technologies that support businesses to help keep employees and customers safe from COVID-19.

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The rapid growth of Smart Building technology

Until the start of 2020, the primary function of smart building IoT technology has been environmental management, preventive maintenance, building security and safety. These applications enable organisations to remotely monitor, remotely control and automate processes, delivering cost efficiency and safer, secure buildings.

With the global outbreak of Covid-19, we are now seeing the rapid growth of newer smart building applications. Technologies such as thermal imaging cameras and occupancy monitoring systems are being deployed to help minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus – helping those responsible to actively manage social distancing policies.

Legislation from governments is likely to accelerate this trend in the coming months and years as technology is increasingly relied upon to minimise infection rates.

Why are smart building solution providers turning to cellular connectivity?

Although IoT smart building applications are growing, the fundamental connectivity needs of solution providers have not changed. They continue to need simple, highly secure and resilient connectivity and the expertise to deploy across a range of buildings and environments.

Many smart building solution providers are now choosing to deploy cellular connectivity over (or in addition to) other technologies such as WiFi. The reasons for this are clear. Firstly, with cellular connectivity, we typically see end-to-end ownership by the solution provider, who isn’t reliant on other, fixed line networks whose policies can make integration difficult. Further to this, it can often be the case that fixed lines are not in place or will take several months to be installed.

Cellular connectivity removes these potential challenges and allows systems to be implemented within days without the costs of deploying and managing a network. Providers with high security standards such as ISO27001, provide the reassurance that data will be processed securely.

Bandwidth requirements and signal strength are key considerations for any IoT system, and with the availability of 4G and the creation of new IoT specific cellular technologies such as LTE-M, there are cellular choices that meets the need of every use case.

Case Study: ENGIE uses 4G solutions from Wireless Logic to deliver smart buildings analysis

ENGIE provides the property sector with its expertise to design, create and manage zero carbon buildings. They do this by collecting and analysing huge sets of data via IoT-enabled monitoring devices at customer locations.

With a broad range of buildings and environments to serve it was important to ensure that services were unaffected by existing network infrastructure issues. Installing new fixed line infrastructure was cost and time prohibitive, so ENGIE turned to cellular connectivity as a solution.

Wireless Logic delivered on ENGIE’s key requirements on flexibility, security, ease and speed of deployment and cost-effectiveness with a one-stop multi-network connectivity solution.

Multiple networks and pre-configured 4G routers were quickly deployed to ensure resilient connectivity in each location. Visibility and management of the deployment through the SIMPro platform. Private APNs were used to ensure that data was processed securely away from the public network and IPSec VPNs were implemented to ensure data was processed securely.

These changes enabled ENGIE to quickly deploy a simple, secure and resilient connectivity solution that enabled them to focus on delivering value for their customers.

Working with Wireless Logic Group gives us the time, confidence and flexibility to focus more on our core business. They operate a seamless experience which complements our own operation in the field. Their ability to deliver a complete end-to-end solution speeds up each roll-out whilst still providing us with complete control over our connected portfolio.

Daniel Lilley,
Smart Buildings & Data Solutions Director, Business Energy & Services, ENGIE

IoT Connectivity Solutions for Smart Buildings

If you’re involved in the development of a connected smart building solution, you’ll know that building managers, owners and public sector bodies are actively looking for ways to operate buildings more safely, cost effectively and with less impact on the environment by reducing emissions. Our solution guide will explain the key connectivity challenges for solution providers, and how it can quickly deliver resilient, secure and easy to manage connectivity across multiple locations.

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Connect your Smart Building with Wireless Logic

Our IoT connectivity experts can get you connected within days with tailored solutions that meet the need of your specific smart building use case. We take care of the connectivity, leaving you to focus on the success your deployment:

Resilient connectivity

Network choice for each location, 4G or LTE-M services and private APN

The right hardware

Sector-leading 4G Routers – pre-configured, ready to go with expert technical support

Secure two-way data

Private Infrastructure and VPN solutions – ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited

Cost effective

Avoid major investment in owned IT architecture, leased lines and support infrastructure.

Total Control

Any network, any number of deployments, all under a single monthly bill through SIMPro

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