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Connecting our moving world

With resilient LPWAN/4G connectivity, wi-fi and other connected applications becoming business critical to the transport and logistics sectors, the range of uses is increasing. To support connectivity, we are actively assisting customers and partners in providing ‘end-to-end’ solutions, many including associated router hardware.

Explore some of the Transport & Logistics applications we're connecting...


Static and mobile ANPR deployments- parking and security management.

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Asset Tracking

Commercial and consumer vehicles, airport, factory and mobile assets.


In-vehicle, reversing and multi-position cameras for commercial fleet use.

Digital Road Signage/VMS

Overhead gantry, rapid deployment emergency signs, roadside deployments.

Electric Vehicles

Charge point operators – ANPR, CCTV, charge point two-way comms.

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Control, manage and monitor eScooter fleets.

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Mapping/Location Services

Route management, commercial vehicle attributes, asset tracking.


Managed onboard Wi-Fi, in-port broadband, and container asset tracking.

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Telematics/Driver Behaviour

In-vehicle smart box data recording, live and recorded streaming.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

‘Always-On’ 4G connectivity for long range control and monitoring of commercial drone applications.

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Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

Pay-as-you-go and young persons insurance, data and footage.

Vehicle Tracking

Asset mapping, vehicle maintenance, driver behaviour, geo-fencing.

Market-leading secure solutions to connect your assets

As one of our largest connected markets, the transport and logistics sector is key to keeping commerce, infrastructure and global economies all running efficiently. Our range of connected solutions span a broad spectrum of uses, employing local, in-country roaming  and global IoT data SIMs – within vehicles, within handheld devices, and across a wide range of equipment to make sure people, transport and assets arrive safely, securely, efficiently and on time.

From vehicle telematics to overhead gantry electronic signage, our solutions deliver reliable, resilient and secure connectivity for single and multiple deployments, nationally or internationally. Our range of mobile routers are backed by hardware support and expert advice.

Beyond world-class cellular IoT connectivity, we are increasingly integrating routers and accompanying support into our growing end-to-end solutions. With seamless LPWAN/4G connectivity and ‘plug and play’ pre-configuration, applications are ready to go from day one.

Whether single SIM, dual SIM or multi-SIM routers, transport and logistics applications are in touch, at all times, delivering mission-critical IoT and M2M data when required. Where hardware is required, it can be provided on an OPEX-based pricing model, you can spread the cost of hardware over a 12, 24 or 36 months period. With no capital expenditure and hardware ready to connect, ‘out of the box’, our router solutions are designed for trouble-free, secure and cost-effective connectivity. Pre-configuration is included within our OPEX-based packages. Working with many of the world’s leading brands of routers, we can guide through the specification process to ensure the right router is selected – whether for ruggedized use within a vehicle or train, through to a more sedentary installation within a camera or gantry.

Low and High-Bandwidth IoT connectivity

For each application, levels of data throughput vary. Our solutions will be built around expected data usage, with tariffs tailored to each deployment, whether as single units or spread across multiple devices with data aggregation.

Best value tariffs are determined around a number of criteria including the longevity of the project, use of single or multiple networks, levels of security required and location. At each stage of the deployment, ‘stress-tests’ can ensure that the application is pushing out the expected data loads – all viewed, monitored and managed through the SIMPro platform.

Secure – every step of the journey

For every application, keeping the data safe and secure is often mission-critical. Corrupt or hacked information can have massive implications whether for a commercial organisation or across the public sector. Locking down, encrypting and delivering the most resilient private network overlays are all vital components within the Wireless Logic infrastructure. To learn more, click here.

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