M2M Platforms for M-Health and E-Health

Wireless Logic’s provides a comprehensive range of Managed Services that deliver secure connectivity for developers/systems integrators within the areas of e-health/m-health and related technologies. The organisation has seen a proliferation of applications that are dependent upon secure GPRS/3G connectivity linking devices in the field across our NetPro Infrastructure as a Service. In every case, a number of pre-requisites have been determined to ensure that the right networks, appropriate data usage and complete visibility/control via SIMPro are all in place.

Cost-efficiencies within m-health and e-health applications are vital, particularly in cases of ‘long-term’ solutions where devices are field-based for long periods of time. In such situations, monitoring the performance of the device gives the application facilitator peace of mind – any unusual periods of high data usage such as ‘user misuse’ can be highlighted immediately via the SIMPro real-time data monitoring tool.

NetPro as a secure overlay VPN to the mobile networks enables organisations to access ‘high-end’ private network capability without the need for large CAPEX costs. This is particularly important for trial applications across e-health initiatives. We have a number of field tests running at any one time, whether utilising our Fixed IP that gives true two-way secure connectivity to the device, or optimising data through our aggregated tariffs. Once trials are approved, rapid roll out can commence.

To see Wireless Logic in action within the e-healthcare space, go to our case studies section.

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m-health/e-health solutions in action...

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