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End-to-end digital health connectivity solutions

With resilient 4G and 5G connectivity, LPWAN, wi-fi and other connected applications becoming critical to the digital health space, the range of uses is increasing. To support connectivity, we are actively assisting customers and partners in providing ‘end-to-end’ solutions, many including associated router hardware. 

Some of the many applications we're connecting...

Independent Living

Homed-based monitoring for frail/elderly and vulnerable

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Tablet-based patient records for on-the-spot care management

Clinical Trials

Clinical trial data delivered securely via 4G

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Clinical-based remote measurement including diabetes

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Market-leading secure solutions to connect your assets

E or M-Healthcare communication is becoming increasingly important within the rapidly changing health provision market. We are seeing more and more developments that utilise M2M and IoT cellular connectivity as part of the overall platform, overlaid with private VPN’s to ensure high degrees of security. This is particularly critical within areas such as patient monitoring where the need to ensure data is encrypted, secure and always accessible are all necessary.

With the broadest choice of mobile networks from Wireless Logic, healthcare providers can select an optimum network based on availability, data use and length of contract. And where monitoring systems are truly mobile, further options of roaming SIMs (steered or non-steered) are available, where network choice is determined by strongest signal. Patient monitoring solutions inevitably must be ‘always on’, reporting back 24/7 and with the ability via Fixed IP to be fully ‘two-way’.

Managed Services Healthcare Applications

Wireless Logic are working with developers and systems integrators across a wide range of healthcare applications.

Beyond world-class cellular IoT connectivity, we are increasingly integrating routers and accompanying support into our growing end-to-end solutions. With seamless connectivity and ‘plug and play’ pre-configuration, applications are ready to go from day one.

Low and High-Bandwidth IoT connectivity

For each application, levels of data throughput vary. Our solutions for healthcare applications will be built around expected data usage, with tariffs tailored to each deployment, whether as single units or spread across multiple devices with data aggregation. Best value tariffs are determined around a number of criteria including the longevity of the project, use of single or multiple networks, levels of security required and location. At each stage of the deployment, ‘stress-tests’ can ensure that the application is pushing out the expected data loads – all viewed, monitored and managed through the SIMPro platform.

Secure – every step of the journey

For every application, keeping the data safe and secure is often mission-critical. Corrupt or hacked information can have massive implications whether for an individual user or as a healthcare provider. Locking down, encrypting and delivering the most resilient private network overlays are all vital components within the Wireless Logic infrastructure. To learn more, click here.

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