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Energy & Utilities Sector

End-to-end connectivity for IoT in the Energy and Utilities sector

IoT in energy is crucial for optimising resource utilisation, reducing wastage, and enabling real-time monitoring, ultimately leading to greater efficiency, cost savings, and sustainable energy practices.

With resilient LPWAN/4G connectivity, wi-fi and other connected applications becoming business critical to multiple applications across the energy and utilities sectors, the range of uses is increasing.

To support connectivity, we are actively assisting customers and partners in providing ‘end-to-end’ solutions, many including associated router hardware

Through IoT for energy, we're linking various applications...

Predictive Maintenance

Maximum uptime for essential machines and assets

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Performance Optimisation

Encourages operational efficiency to drive bottom line growth

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Lone Worker

Ensures lone workers are safe and protected

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Smart Meters

Provides deeper insights into energy consumption

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Condition Monitoring

Keeps hard working industrial assets in first-rate condition

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Power Management

Smart box technology for virtual power plants and power redistribution

Market-leading secure solutions to connect your assets

As a growing range of connected markets, Wireless Logic’s connectivity solutions are now featured across a number of key energy and utility applications, delivering secure and mission-critical communications that support local, regional and increasingly national infrastructure projects.  Our connected solutions span a broad spectrum of uses, employing local, steered and non-steered roaming and global IoT data SIMs.

Beyond world-class cellular IoT connectivity, we are increasingly integrating routers and accompanying support to enable energy and utility applications to have true ‘end to end’ connectivity.  Such applications which required on-site deployments by engineers are made more easier with seamless connectivity and ‘plug and play’ pre-configuration,  with devices ready to connect, in the field,  from day one.

From industrial metering to monitoring major energy producer installations, Wireless Logic’s cellular connectivity comes to the fore with secure, resilient and reliable communications.

Low and High-Bandwidth IoT connectivity

For each application, levels of data throughput vary. Our solutions will be built around expected data usage, with tariffs tailored to each deployment, whether as single units or spread across multiple devices with data aggregation. Best value tariffs are determined around a number of criteria including the longevity of the project, use of single or multiple networks, levels of security required and location. At each stage of the deployment, ‘stress-tests’ can ensure that the application is pushing out the expected data loads – all viewed, monitored and managed through the SIMPro platform.


Secure – every step of the journey

For every application, keeping the data safe and secure is often mission-critical. Corrupt or hacked information can have massive implications whether for a commercial organisation or across the public sector. Locking down, encrypting and delivering the most resilient private network overlays are all vital components within the Wireless Logic infrastructure.

To learn more about IoT Security, click here.

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