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4G Connectivity for Safety and Security Cameras

Rapidly deploy video surveillance or CCTV connectivity across multiple locations

About Safety and Security Camera Connectivity

Manage and access multiple feeds and CCTV cameras across your sites through 4G connectivity.

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Solution Advantages

Our Connected Router Packages come with a number of advantages to provide you with a full end-to-end solution

Pre-configured and tested ready to plug and play

Cellular coverage from all major networks

Works with HIK Vision, Axis Cameras, Xtralis, Dowshu and more

Dual connectivity option for resilient uplink connection

Single point of contact for your connected router support queries

Use Cases

Reliable and secure connectivity for building surveillance and CCTV. 4G technology provides remote 4G CCTV access to IP camera / DVR systems in locations where fixed line access is not available – ideal for mobile rapid deployment CCTV systems. 4G combined with an advanced codec like H.264 / H.265 can provide high quality images at reasonable frame rates and virtually no lag. We supply public static IP  4G SIMs and an embedded 4G capable router suitable for your Mobile 4G CCTV application.

Video Surveillance/CCTV

Monitor multiple locations across sites

Occupancy Management

Monitor and control the number of people in an indoor environment.

Temperature Sensing

Thermal cameras at entrance of retail, ports, universities, etc.

Your 4G Connected Router for Safety and Security

Choose your router + connectivity + security to address your application specific needs.


LTE CAT4 Industrial Cellular Router


Use case example

For 1-2 cameras
Thermal sensing
Occupancy Management


LTE CAT4 Industrial Cellular Router


Use case example

For 3-4 cameras
Onsite surveillance
Critical Infrastructure

We’ll work with you to select the best network based on your specific use case ensuring that your devices communicate securely and reliably at any location.

We work with all major network providers.

SIMs Single or multi-network roaming SIMs

SIMPro – View and control SIMs across multiples networks in one customisable window

Data pools – For efficient data use

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Private infrastructure and seamless integration to keep your data and reputation secure via our Carrier grade private network, NetPro.

Dedicated private APNs – Multi-carrier choice via a single VPN interconnect

VPNs – Policy and Route-based IPSec, OpenVPN, SSL VPN and Direct Interconnects

Static Private IPs – Available for applications that require secure data transfer

CMO Antenna

Through-hole surface mount CMO MIMO antenna for routers installed in a secure or waterproof enclosure or comms cabinet. Can be supplied with 0.5m cable to reduce cable loses and maintain the best possible signal.

LMO Antenna

High gain LMO MIMO antenna available with 5m, 10m or 15m high quality RF240 antenna cables for sites with poor 4G coverage.

Teltonika Remote Management System

Optional management platform for Teltonika routers. For monitoring and centralised firmware updates.

4G/LTE router options

ModelTeltonika RUT240 ( 2 x LAN ports)Teltonika RUT950 (4 x LAN ports)
ApplicationFor 1-2 cameras or where an NVR is being installed
Thermal sensing
Occupancy Management
For 3-4 cameras or where an NVR is being installed.
It also provides Dual SIM slot option for network resiliency
Critical Infrastructure
Onsite surveillance
Memory16 MBytes Flash, 128 MBytes DDR2 RAM16 MBytes Flash, 128 MBytes DDR2 RAM
CPUAtheros Hornet, MIPS 24Kc, 400 MHzAtheros Wasp, MIPS 74Kc, 550 MHz
Interface2 x 10/100 Ethernet ports:
1 x WAN (configurable as LAN)
1 x LAN port
4 x 10/100 Ethernet ports:
1 x WAN (configurable as LAN)
3 x LAN ports
SIM1 x external SIM holder2 x external SIM holders
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