Rapid Deployment – Agriculture

Wireless Logic offers a number of 3g/4G rapid deployment solutions across a broad range of applications and use cases. Simply click on the navigation below to explore typical broadband structures. For agricultural applications, we provide a complete end-to-end solution including hardware, connectivity and support services.

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The Benefits

  • Competitive data charges offer real alternative to fixed line connection
  • Avoid ADSL set-up wait and charges
  • Secure broadband connectivity
  • Fast and easy installation/de-installation
  • Re-use in multiple locations
  • Easy to manage service
  • Ideal for hard to reach places

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Infrastructure for Agricultural applications

primary adsl for agriculture
  • Best carrier
  • Market leading bundled data offering
  • SIM Management platform enabling visibility and control of SIM estate
  • Optimised router offering for any environment
Hardware range
  • Military grade, industrial grade or enterprise grade routers
  • Single SIM to bonded multi-SIM
  • 3G/4G
  • Single point of contact in case of connectivity or hardware issues will ensure connection issues are quickly resolved
  • Asset Management
  • Device Management add-ons
  • Monitoring and alerting option
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Analytics and reporting
The end-to-end Rapid Deployment – Agriculture package at a glance
Tailored Wireless Logic proposal:
  • Carrier/data package
  • Tailored hardware solution
  • Configuration and testing
  • Optional device management
  • Support services
  • VPN/Security package
  • SIM Management
  • Billing

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All information presented for use cases is for guidance only.
Please contact us to determine detailed hardware and connectivity solutions for your own application.