OneSIM - The outage solution

Delivering guaranteed uptime, switching from a network in failure to the next best available network…

Building in resilience and redundancy of IoT applications

Mitigating the risk of major Mobile Networks is now front of mind following O2’s and other networks’ major outage at the end of 2018.

To address the challenges faced by an IoT data SIM being out of action for hours, we have compiled a list of solutions for consideration. These solutions target applications where uptime is mission-critical.

OneSIM unsteered in-country roaming solution

For applications that require mission-critical uptime at all times, OneSIM from Wireless Logic delivers guaranteed uptime, switching from a network in failure to the next best available network, based upon signal strength.*

More and more customers are turning to our OneSIM multiple network solution which is an in-country, unsteered roaming SIM connectable to every UK mobile network. Unsteered means that the SIM will select the optimal mobile network available, and in many circumstances, will then switch to the next best network if one fails. Tariffs are becoming more and more competitive – even for high data/higher bandwidth applications. Data charges remain the same, regardless of the network used. Importantly, being non-steered, there is no primary network which the SIM will try and detect – always simply the strongest network signal.

OneSIM can have a single fixed IP regardless of network used, ensuring that connectivity is secure when using Wireless Logic’s NetPro private infrastructure, and fully accountable when viewed across the SIMPro management platform.

*Switching may involve loss of data if there is a break in data session. In extreme cases, a network in failure may still leave an application connected though data cannot be transmitted. In such cases, the application would need to reboot to reconnect.

Single and Dual SIM routers

For applications that utilise mobile router technology as part of their communication eco-system, there are a number of choices for organisations seeking full redundancy when mobile networks fail.

  • Second SIM into a dual SIM router
    For a number of applications, organisations specify a dual SIM router because of other features such as multiple ethernet ports within a particular model. In such cases where the second SIM slot is not employed, consideration should be made to retrofit an emergency failover single network SIM as back-up. Importantly, as a back-up solution, one would not need to replicate the data package as per the primary, as it would be expected that the back-up network would only be used for as long as the primary network is down. Importantly, one should not therefore assume a second SIM and network will be double the cost.
  • Upgrade from single SIM router to Dual SIM router
    Where users want to retain their primary network, consider replacing a single SIM variant router to dual SIM with back-up network for redundancy and failover. In this scenario, the application would rely on two networks only, retaining the current contract of the primary SIM and adding a secondary SIM solution – with reduced data capacity. This set-up suits high bandwidth applications.


  • Single SIM router, OneSIM solution
    A further alternative is to specify our OneSIM and tariff delivering unsteered in-country roaming based upon signal strength.


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