Bringing products to life with one-step SIM connectivity solutions…
Users want devices to come connected.

Nearly all new devices are ‘connected’ using IoT and M2M services.

To enhance customer relationships the market now expects long term subscription models
with access to multiple bearers and networks globally… End users are demanding ‘out-of-the-box’ working solutions.

There’s a driving need to simplify connectivity enablement end to end.


Introducing Intelligent… Comes Connected

Through our Intelligent mobile network and Comes Connected orchestration portal, products can now be connected to internet services and configured to talk to applications or services automatically. Covering 35 mobile operators directly and access to over 600 networks globally from a single SIM, we can truly bring products to life anywhere in the world, instantly.

With Comes Connected barriers are overcome…

OEMs and distributors are more and more facing the challenge of connectivity provision:

  • Products increasingly rely upon connection services to function
  • Customers call product supplier about 3rd party service enablement
  • 3rd party support is not linked to the product… confusion reigns
  • Customers endeavour to self-source connectivity – often with limited success – limited appropriate tariffs, coverage challenges, contractual limitations, potential for overage, and a perception of poor product performance wrongly blamed due to the connectivity.

Intelligent Comes Connected
brings products to life with
a Single-Step Solution

Comes Connected – All Network Selection using a single SIM/eUICC

  • One SIM (Embedded or Plug-in) with all UK and majority EU networks
  • Continuous auto-selection of best network
  • Single UK MSISDN
  • Access to secure network
  • Future eUICC Profile swapping enabled

With Comes Connected,
the user is in complete control...

How it works




Easy Integration
Simply insert our intelligent multi-network, single instant SIM connectivity solution into your product and get your product connected the moment it arrives at the customer’s door.




Competitive Packages
Your customers or you can choose from a range of very competitive subscription packages which include voice, SMS and USSD services as well as low data costs.




Instant Activation
A simple, on-click activation step is all that is needed, through a QR code, order reference or product serial number, our connectivity can start within seconds.




Ongoing Relationships
Get to know your real customers, with direct registration at the point of activation and data feeds from our network that provide intelligence and insights.

Connect with Comes Connected

  • A simple to use dashboard for users to connect
  • Brand the dashboard for a seamless customer experience
  • QR codes, Bar codes plus other options to identify the Comes Connected SIM
  • Tailored tariff options for customer and usage choice
  • Billing platform for direct or third party charging

The Comes Connected customer journey…

Comes Connected… End user messaging

A SIM-in-a-BOX notification card is one of several ideas to communicate with the end-user. Simple instructions, simple activation process… all resulting in a seamless, customer-focused experience.



To learn more about Comes Connected connectivity solutions,
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