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News 14th December 2020

Datamobile AG sluit zich aan bij de Wireless Logic Group

Wireless Logic versterkt Europese activiteiten en wereldwijde mogelijkheden met de overname van Datamobile AG.

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News 14th December 2020

Overname van New Line Mobile

Wireless Logic breidt het Europese bereik verder uit met de overname van New Line Mobile.

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News 14th December 2020

Overname van Arkessa

Wireless Logic versterkt haar leidende marktpositie verder met de overname van Arkessa Ltd.

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News 12th September 2020

SIMPoint wordt Wireless Logic Benelux

een nieuwe naam met meer mogelijkheden…

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White Paper 18th August 2020

eSIM/eUICC Technology for IoT – is it right for your business?

Our Chief Product Officer Matt Thomas explores the opportunities and challenges for IoT applications using eSIM/eUICC technology.

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Artikel 13th August 2020

Why Police Forces Are Turning to Cellular Connectivity for ANPR

Wireless Logic's Justin Godfrey-Cass discusses the importance of ANPR for police forces.

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News 7th August 2020

A Wireless Logic journey

Ollie Wallington is our newly appointed Head of Business Development and here he shares his Wireless Logic journey.

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News 30th July 2020

A new way of working

An insight into how the Service Desk team have adapted to working from home.

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Artikel 21st July 2020

Smart Buildings playing an integral role in COVID-19 recovery

Our IoT Business Development Manager, Mark Appleby, explains how the Smart Buildings industry is helping to get people back to their offices.

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News 24th June 2020

Wireless Logic achieves ISO 27001 certification

Our Chief Operations Officer, Simon Trend, discusses the importance of our recent ISO 27001 information security accreditation for our customers.

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Artikel 2nd June 2020

10 steps to help secure your IoT/M2M applications

Important security information for your IoT/M2M applications.

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Artikel 20th April 2020

Exploring Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT)

Our Chief Product Officer, Matt Thomas explains NB-IoT connectivity to help you understand which technology is right for your product.

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Artikel 29th November 2019

Why is cellular connectivity so critical to the growth of the Electric Vehicle market?

Justin Godfrey-Cass diskuterer mulighederne for IoT-forbindelse til EV-infrastruktur

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White Paper 21st October 2019

eSIM/eUICC-technologie voor IoT – is dit geschikt voor uw bedrijf?

Onze Chief Product Officer Matt Thomas onderzoekt de mogelijkheden en uitdagingen voor ivd-toepassingen met behulp van eSIM/eUICC-technologie.

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Artikel 1st October 2019

IoT connectivity in the UK IT channel – The opportunities & challenges

Wireless Logic's Jon-Paul Clarke discusses how the IT channel must gear up for busy times ahead.

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White Paper 13th August 2019

Understanding the differences between an IoT SIM and a consumer SIM

Comparing IoT SIMs to Mobile Broadband SIMs.

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News 30th July 2019

Embracing diversity keeps Wireless Logic up to speed

Matthew Tate, Wireless Logic's Chief Commercial Officer discusses how a growing international business throws up new and exciting opportunities.

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News 30th July 2019

Being a graduate at Wireless Logic

Life is good as a graduate. Jake Green joined as a graduate into Wireless Logic, and hasn't looked back. There is simply so much to look forward to!

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Artikel 7th December 2018

The Ins and Outs for IoT applications from a major mobile network outage

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White Paper 26th November 2018

Technology collaboration

A UK Police Force and UK County Council have combined separate infrastructures to deliver one county-wide CCTV and ANPR application.

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White Paper 12th June 2018

White Paper – What’s in an IoT SIM?

How organisations can avoid IoT connectivity challenges… In this white paper, Wireless Logic discusses the range of connectivity options and highlights the pitfalls of getting selection right.

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