Geo-location based M2M Platform solutions with HERE and Google Maps

MapPro from Wireless Logic is the name given to our unique M2M mapping and location-based services platform that combine integrated mapping solutions together with comprehensive M2M connectivity – cellular or satellite.

The mapping platforms behind MapPro are delivered by two world-class brands – HERE and Google Maps. With each mapping solution developed and suitable for specific roles, MapPro can now give developers a broader choice based upon the scope and diversity required within their applications. MapPro has been designed to deliver leading-edge mapping and geo-location solutions for the IoT and M2M sectors without the need for punitive capital expenditure investment at point of set-up. Costed on a per user and case basis, MapPro’s highly competitive pricing can be rolled up with connectivity billing into one easy to manage monthly contracted cost.*

Global M2M mapping and geo-location solutions with a low cost of entry

Until now, access to the world’s leading mapping platforms has been limited to organisations capable of outlaying significant licensing fees with high minimum usage tariffs and accompanying set-up costs. Through collaboration with Wireless Logic, HERE and Google Maps  mapping solutions are now accessible to all organisations, with ultra-low cost of entry.

Access to location-based services and applications have been devised that avoid heavy up-front capital expenditure (CAPEX), instead spreading highly competitive monthly fees charged in tandem with cellular or satellite connectivity contracts. The MapPro platform with HERE or Google Maps have simple, easy-to-use pricing models that bring the previously complex and prohibitive world of mapping neatly into the hands of developers, systems integrators (SIs) and end users directly involved in the business of mapping and location-based services.

Why choose MapPro for your Geo-location and connectivity requirements?

MapPro is now used across a growing number of applications including:

  • Web enhancement – creating a more informed web experience for your customers
  • Mobile Asset Management – real-time insight of your assets. And with Google GeoLocation, locate your assets without GPS
  • Business Mapping – visualise your business critical information in a geographical context
  • Geo-coder and batch Geo-coder – find an address or resolve a geo-location into an address for important business decisions
  • Business Locator – make it easier for your customers to find you

The best know-how and support


The MapPro technology team have pooled together highly specialised support experts to guide developers and SIs through the many facets of the HERE and Google Maps location platforms. This support stems from years of in-house experience with both mapping brands, enabling immediacy in response, online or face to face, when tackling the integration and implementation facets of any given project.

Best of Breed mapping and location services – powered by HERE

HERE is the world’s first pure location cloud, offering global, end-to-end experiences through content, platform, and apps that will be available on any screen and operating system. HERE aims to inspire a new generation of location services and location enabled devices, and to personalise the mobile experience for people through deeper connections with the places that matter to them. HERE embraces the idea that making maps is both a science and an art. It’s reached that view through three decades of pioneering work in the fields of data collection and mapmaking. The science has culminated in a unique methodology that makes all the data HERE now has useful, dynamic, and flexible to infinite modes of representation.

But the art lies in using that data to bring places to life, creating more opportunities for people to explore their worlds, discover new experiences, and share their stories. World_Map_HERE

MapPro HERE ‘Platform Data Extension’ (PDE)

The latest edition to the MapPro HERE Platform is the Platform Data Extension – PDE, a cloud-based extension that creates endless possibilities to your mapping and location applications. With the PDE, you can integrate more enterprise-grade data, seamlessly and competitively.

  • Access rich enterprise-grade HERE Map data sets
  • Easy to use pre-compiled and normalised data
  • Small data transfer through layer and tile concept

The PDE gives you access to a large set of HERE Map Content to enhance and evolve location-based applications. The data sets can be accessed for any mapping, geocoding, places or routing service requests to the main platform.

Data is easy to handle and can be matched to various platform requests.  Access to the premium data ranges from 2D junction views to extended lanes and postal views. The PDE can be limited to the download of specific data sets within nominated regions – thus data transfer can be kept to a minimum allowing your application to perform efficiently. For a full list of available attributes within the PDE, click here. Your MapPro account manager will be able to talk through relevant data sets and pricing models.

Live IoT and M2M Geo-mapping Demonstration area

See the PDE in action. The demonstrations visualise specific attributes selected from the HERE Platform Data Extension (PDE). Each of the demonstration pages illustrate how the data sets can be referenced.

To access the live demonstration, you will need a username and password. Email us here and we’ll send you access by return.

Best of Breed mapping and location services – powered by Google

Google Maps is globally known as the de facto mapping product used across business and consumer applications the world over. People are simply at home with Google Maps – the familiarity stems from its intuitive use in millions of applications – the world knows how to use Google! The Google Maps for business API enables MapPro to be easily integrated into customer solutions. Usage enables customers to employ Google on both a public and enterprise basis. Whilst the Map API can be free for public usage (not hidden by a firewall) there are certain threshold limits on API queries. With MapPro powered by Google Maps, public use is unlimited and applications incorporating a firewall are enabled. MapPro features two principle Google products as standard, namely Maps and the GeoLocation API. Thus, customers can not only utilise real-time mapping as part of their application, they can also build in asset location without the need for GPS.

Geolocation works by the mobile device returning a location and accuracy radius based on information about cell towers in the area and Wi-Fi nodes that it can detect. Mapping-ImageSoftware installation isn’t necessary with Google Maps– all mapping and GeoLocation are hosted at Google in its secure, scalable cloud infrastructure.

Find out more

There is so much to see and learn about the possibilities and opportunities of MapPro Platform. For a full demonstration of its capabilities and to understand how, with Wireless Logic, the platform is now accessible to all users, call the MapPro team at Wireless Logic on 0330 056 3300,  email or enquire online.

* MapPro mapping solutions can also be provided independently to connectivity and other M2M Managed Services.