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Wireless Logic’s global cellular network

Wireless Logic’s global cellular network

Cellular IoT is complex, involving an array of regulatory, operational and commercial challenges. Deployments have traditionally been connected through mobile networks built with consumers in mind, but this hasn’t consistently delivered the level of resilience, security and flexibility that the IoT requires.

Introducing Conexa

The Conexa mobile network has been built by Wireless Logic specifically to address the changing needs of global IoT. It is the network behind digital transformations across the globe – helping to accelerate the pace of positive economic, environmental and social change.

We have been at the forefront of M2M and IoT for over 20 years, and have used this experience to build a carrier-grade global network that addresses the connectivity, security and scalability challenges that many businesses face. Combined with Wireless Logic’s solution expertise, Conexa allows global enterprises and solution providers to seamlessly and successfully design, deploy, scale and manage their IoT deployments.

Designed and built for the Internet of Things

Single SIM for
Global Deployments

Deploy with confidence using a single global SIM which can be optimised over-the-air
using rules engine based automation features of Conexa.

Simplify your
Supply Chain

Reduce complexity in your procurement and logistics processes. Leverage zero-touch provisioning to manage the transition from factory to field.

by Design

Conexa’s advanced on-SIM applications and network services enhance system security and enable dynamic scalability.

Advanced Management
and Control

Conexa provides unique tools for management and insight of on-SIM and on-device behaviour, performance and cost control.

What is Conexa?

Conexa is a carrier-grade mobile network which provides secure, resilient and flexible connectivity anywhere in the world.

We built Conexa to:

  • resolve challenges in procurement, manufacturing & logistics processes
  • provide in-life management and optimisation capabilities
  • resolve industry security and scalability challenges
  • be a single integration point to an eco-system of leading radio networks partners

Challenges you may face when deploying large scale IoT projects

Cellular technology has evolved over time to address the early barriers to adoption in IoT.

Cellular LPWAN now caters for low power, long battery life needs, while 5G addresses high bandwidth, ultra-low latency requirements.

Radio access technologies provide one layer of the solution. Conexa goes further and addresses a wide range of technical, commercial and operational challenges such as:

Roaming and Data Restrictions
Some applications or territories have regulations which limit the type of services which can be used (permanent roaming restrictions), or where data can be transmitted and stored (data sovereignty).

Complex Cellular Technology Landscape
Selecting the right radio technology or adopting eSIM requires the right component choices and process changes. Connectivity providers need to simplify and automate to optimise development cycles.

Connectivity Supplier Overheads
Integrating with multiple radio networks and different management platforms has resource, cost and skill overheads. A single platform and network integration is the optimum solution.

Inconsistent Service and Support
Operationally, a single point of contact is required to manage radio network operators and provide consistent high-quality support throughout the entire product lifecycle.

High Network Availability
Connectivity providers need to provide management tools, implement end to end monitoring of connections and the support services to proactively resolve any outages in radio or core networks.

Lack of commercial flexibility
IoT use cases have different data, operational and business model requirements. Flexible tariffs and commercial constructs are required to simplify procurement and end-user billing.

Cyber Security
Only authorised devices should connect to enterprise servers or cloud infrastructure. Data must be transmitted securely and handled in accordance with regulations such as GDPR and ISO 27001.

Cloud Integration and Scalability challenges
Zero touch provisioning of IoT devices and auto-enrolment with cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) is required to automate deployments and enable scalability.

Vendor and Technology Lock-in
Having the flexibility to mitigate quality, commercial and roaming issues is critical. Being locked in to a technology or to a single vendor is a big risk given the costs involved in switching SIMs post deployment.

Fraud Detection
Mechanisms are needed to automatically identify and block unauthorised usage. Attempts to use SIMs in other devices or use devices in unapproved countries have the potential to compromise security or create bill-shock.

Connectivity Solutions That Conexa Supports

Local Deploy

For national or regional deployments with cost sensitive or low-latency requirements

Global Deploy

One SIM for global use with logistical, regulatory or lifecycle challenges

Ultra-High Availability

For business or safety critical applications which need additional resilience

Cloud Secure

Enhance security & scalability with zero-touch onboarding of devices to cloud services

Low Power

For sensor applications deployed at massive scale & require longer battery life

Remote SIM Provisioning

Advanced rules engines and on-SIM applications enable zero-touch provisioning which enhance the flexibility, resilience and security of your products.

Conexa features and network capabilities

Global Deployment
with a single SIM

We provide a single SIM for global deployments and a range of local connectivity solutions for the key global markets.

Network of

Conexa is a full-service and independent connectivity platform solution with interconnects to an eco-system of 50+ radio network partners.

Single Point of
Integration & Control

Our carrier-grade private infrastructure provides cost effective and secure access to all our radio network partners through a single interconnect.


With the Conexa network, we are a GSMA compliant, licensed IoT operator and can build our own SIM profiles or in partnership with MNOs.

Protecting your Data
and Reputation
Private network infrastructure and features like IMEI locking, white or blacklisting, VPNs and Private APNs protect your devices and data.


Conexa supports Data, Voice, SMS on the legacy and current cellular bearers; 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE Cat-1 to Cat-6), LPWAN (NB-IoT, LTE-M) and 5G.

Solution Design
Our Solutions team will help you make the right technical and commercial choices for successful deployment of your products and services.

Always On

Conexa was built for IoT. A dual redundant core network with automatic failover ensures high availability needs can be met.

SIM and Device
SIMPro and DevicePro provide remote manageability, insights and detailed analysis
of device behaviours and performance.

Conexa includes a remote provisioning platform (RSP) and advanced rules engines to automate management and control of SIMs.

Advanced on-SIM

SIM applets, multi-IMSI and eSIM technology enhance security, resilience and flexibility which enables you to enter new markets quickly.

Cloud Secure
and Scalable

Advanced on-SIM security automates device authentication and secure cloud registration enabling dynamic and scalable deployments.

Optimise and

Adapt connectivity according to your deployment plans, lifecycle requirements or to mitigate any radio network performance or commercial issues.

Device Testing
and Compliance
Our Solutions team provide integration advice
and device testing services to ensure your
product is compliant and performs as required.

How Conexa works...

SIMPro - IoT's most powerful Connectivity Management Platform

Our Connectivity management platform provides a single window to securely manage IoT assets across any network and any number of deployments.

Deploy and manage assets quickly and easily

Optimise costs and pre-empt issues through powerful insights

Real-time help and support

Automate your connectivity using our powerful APIs

Unified and flexible billing for all business structures


Explore SIMPro

Why use Conexa from Wireless Logic…

IoT Expertise

Support all the way from design to deployment

for IoT

The Conexa mobile network has been built by Wireless Logic specifically to address the evolving needs of global IoT.

Single SIM for
Global Deployments

Deploy with confidence using a single global SIM which can be optimised over-the-air.

Simplify your
Supply Chain

Reduce complexity in your procurement and logistics processes for a seamless factory to field transition.

by Design

Advanced on-SIM applications and network services enhance system security.

Advanced Management
and Control 

Control and manage your on-SIM and on-device behaviour using rich analytics and insight from SIMPro and DevicePro.

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