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M2M Connected Vending Machines - Field Services Connecting Across Cellular Networks

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provision is a vital part to protecting workforces in industrial situations. Placing accessible PPE equipment close to the production line with availability 24/7 is now proving an essential ‘must-have’ for enterprises and corporations.


VendEase are amongst a number of vending operators now delivering bespoke vending solutions with tailored PPE product solutions to suit each client’s safety need. The clever technology behind each vending operation arrives courtesy of Circum Tec. Already established as the market leader in the Southern Hemisphere, Circum Tec have brought their data telemetry, vending management systems, cashless and credit card payment solutions to the vending market, and are making significant inroads into both the UK and European vending sectors. Within the vending machine’s operating platform Circum Tec technology creates the conduit between machine and client control delivering a number of key remote reporting lines including inventory tracking, cash accountability, dynamic scheduling, stock/machine alerts, cashless systems, detailed financial/sales reporting and integrated Google mapping. With real-time data via secure GPRS, the entire vending process has made the PPE stock and retail management highly efficient and more responsive to the users’ needs.

Following the lead from the US where there are now in excess of 70,000 ‘point of use’ PPE vending machines, the benefits are many; reduced PPE spend as stock control is fully controlled, increased employee protection, health and safety standards improved, operational efficiency and a better understanding of precise PPE usage. The old adage of ‘it all happens by the office coffee machine’ has now permeated to the production floor. A new era for vending in the workplace has arrived.

• Vending operator VendEase creates strategic PPE solution for UK production lines
• Circum Tec remote vending technology ensures VendEase machines are always in touch
• GPRS airtime solution from Wireless Logic delivers VendEase and Circum Tec with no-fail connectivity

PPE vending machine connectivity solutions

The Solution

Core to the connectivity is the embedded SIM from which M2M managed services provider Wireless Logic becomes involved. In a fast-moving market, and with increasing amounts of data traffic transferring from machine to client control, Circum Tec partner with Wireless Logic to maximise on data aggregation and the ability to utilise multiple networks across a single management platform. ‘SIMPro’ is a purpose-built M2M monitoring, provisioning and control window where clients can access an entire asset base and maintain complete usage and cost control on a per SIM basis. Within vending machines such as VendEase PPE, Circum Tec maximise network effectiveness by using Vodafone, O2 and Orange SIMs dependent upon locational use and appropriate tariff. More recently, there has been increased interest in roaming variants with a number of trials taking place with both Vodafone Global and Telenor roaming SIMs.

Chad Heinemann, Account Manager, Circum Tec comments: “Working with operators such as VendEase, the Circum Tec vending platform delivers total control in real-time to create a super-efficient platform for vending delivery and satisfaction. Market areas such as PPE are clearly redefining the profile of office vending – today, the machine has replaced the store cupboard to become a fully-controlled asset management and distribution tool, always on, always monitored. The connectivity aspect over the mobile networks is fundamental; our partnership with the managed services of Wireless Logic enables us to focus on the operational aspects – to us, connectivity is sorted and safe with them.”

Justin Godfrey Cass, Business Development Manager, Wireless Logic comments: “Circum Tec and their clients such as VendEase realise the benefits of working with a world-class M2M managed services provider. The SIMPro platform has enabled each embedded SIM to be fully monitored, with no nasty shocks re over usage of data traffic. With markets such as PPE, we are amazed at how critical the vending machine has become in day to day production. Circum Tec can watch individual activity and scale up usage as required and thus optimise the tariff to suit the specific vending operation location. PPE is one of a number of growth areas for the vending industry – we are pleased to be at the forefront with two leading names in the sector.”

Wireless Logic

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