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Local Authority Traffic Management Systems get Green Light


In just seven years, Zenco Systems (acquired by Siemens Traffic in 2015) became the market leader in visual traffic monitoring systems, working with over 35 Local Authorities throughout the UK. Their overarching aim is to deliver digital solutions that keep traffic moving – a vital ingredient in the armoury of Local Authorities as they maintain their commitment to agreed Local Transport Plans. So whether it’s bus lane monitoring, box junction enforcement, or parking proximity to schools, Zenco Systems’ integrated solutions are supporting councils in their drive to keep town centre traffic flowing whilst discouraging anti-social driver behaviour across a number of enforceable actions.

Behind Zenco Systems’ bigger picture is a suite of smart, intuitive technology that provides automatic wireless enforcement via a range of static and mobile cameras. Each system involves a complete 360° solution that captures, transmits and processes both still images and video providing near real-time evidence-based data to a local authority control centre. Data is sent across 3G thus avoiding the need for hard-wired connectivity from the camera to back-office applications. The review and processing of data across Zenco’s own platforms mean that the entire monitoring and control process is delivered as a one-stop solution with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and video analytics all deployed seamlessly.

In July 2015, Zenco Systems was acquired by  Systems Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems.

The Challenge

Working in partnership with resellers, Zenco Systems have, until now, left the critical area of mobile connectivity to the end user. “Whilst a vital part of the entire system, customers were happy to acquire SIMs and handle the ongoing everyday management,” comments Adrian Ford, Sales Director for Zenco Systems. “So whether it was ‘bill shock’ for a data-hungry camera in a busy location, or general connectivity issues, we found that local authorities were very much in the hands of the mobile networks, with varying levels of customer support experienced.”

The Solution

At the time of Zenco Systems’ review of connectivity, a meeting with Wireless Logic, Europe’s leading M2M Managed Services provider, enlightened the Zenco board to the benefits of providing a fully managed-connectivity solution as part of their traffic monitoring proposition. By partnering with Wireless Logic, Zenco could give local authorities a hassle-free fully cost-managed connectivity solution with the right tariff and associated support. “Our early conversations with the Wireless Logic team soon made us realise that by managing an entire portfolio of SIM-based cameras, we could enjoy complete visibility and control on behalf of our customers, UK-wide,” continues Zenco’s Adrian Ford. “And with SIMs that typically consume between 5GB and 10GB of data per month, our ability to purchase and market competitively would mean additional value-add to both our resellers and end-customers.”
Jon-Paul Clarke, Business Development Director for Wireless Logic explains further: “With Zenco’s nationwide deployment, we were able to highlight a number of opportunities to provide a better connectivity solution to their customers – firstly, a choice of networks so that each camera location is optimised for network coverage, secondly, data aggregation where data usage can be spread across the entire portfolio – allowing more busy locations to balance with less data-intensive installations, and thirdly, complete visibility of Zenco’s entire SIM estate through the Wireless Logic SIMPro platform. This gives Zenco’s teams the ability to manage, monitor and bill, thus empowering councils to purely focus on the business of traffic management with worry-free 3G connectivity.” With traffic monitoring solutions deployed across the country, Zenco Systems are now talking to all local authority partners with options on connectivity management. “The response to our connectivity proposition has been nothing but positive,” adds Adrian Ford. “Users realise that they can now have dedicated data-SIMs that sit on the right tariff for the job in hand. We can give more reassurance on resilience and can notify customers of any localised connectivity issues.”

With cost savings a key factor across the public sector, airtime expenditure is one key area that local authorities can review quickly. “Working with Zenco, we have created a menu of tariffs across a number of networks that gives their customers choice in their connectivity requirements, comments Justin Godfrey-Cass, Wireless Logic’s Business Development Manager and day to day support to the Zenco Systems account. By aggregating data usage, we can spread the load fairly and evenly giving each local authority a guaranteed contract rate without ‘bill shock’. And it’s working, as the switch-over and take-up figures month on month demonstrate that Zenco have positioned this complete turn-key solution on the button.”

As traffic management and the need to keep public transport on the move continue to be pressing requirements for the UK’s local authorities, Zenco Systems and Wireless Logic are playing their part in delivering fully-integrated solutions that work effectively and cost-efficiently.

Our working relationship with Wireless Logic has started at the best possible time. We realised a need and through fortunate timing, we were able to meet and scope out a connectivity platform that meets the needs of our growing customer base. The partnership to date has already developed and we are confident that with such specialists on board, we can deliver enhanced value-added traffic management solutions to our customer base, both here in the UK and overseas.

Adrian Ford,
Wireless Logic

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